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Full Client Installer

Recommended for Home Users

Version Name: on: 8th Sep 2016File Size: 5.2 GB




 Cafe Version

Recommended for Cybercafes. 
Unzip the downloaded file without installation.

Version Name: on: 8th Sep 2016File Size: 4.9 GB



 Manual Patch

Download Manual Patch Here.

Version Name: on: 8th Sep 2016File Size: 49.1MB



   Recommended System Requirements
   Processor - 2.4GHz Core 2 or i3 / 2.2GHz i5 or i7 / AMD 3500+ or faster
   RAM - 2.0+ GB for Win XP / 3.0+ GB for Win 7
   Video Card - 256MB Geforce 7800+ or Radeon X1900+
   OS - 32-bit Windows XP, 64-bit Windows 7
   Network Connection Required (Broadband)