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General interface account
numbers 01 Verified Only Customization of your graphics, sound, controls and interface settings.

numbers 02 Local Replays The replays which were saved in your local hard disk.

numbers 03 Change Log Content updates and changes.

numbers 04 Message of the Day Keep yourself updated here with Official Announcements, News and Events!

numbers 05 Players Online Displaying the total number of players online across SEA, CIS and NA/EU, mouse-
     over to view the breakdown.

Account interface account
numbers 01 Gold Coins Balance of your gold coins (Gold Coins can be used to purchase any items in the

numbers 01 Silver Coins Balance of your silver coins (Silver Coins can be used to purchase certain items in the

numbers 01 Language Four languages to pick from – English, Vietnamese, Thai and Bahasa (Indonesia).

numbers 01 Tokens and Game Passes Balance of your tokens (Tokens are needed for certain game modes).

numbers 01  View Statistics Display your profile and statistical data of various modes.
Communityinterface community2
numbers 01 IMs Received Display the number of IMs received. Messages can be read upon clicking.

numbers 01 Friends Display the number of friends online. Add and Remove friend function can be found upon

numbers 01 Clan Display the number of clan members online.

numbers 01 Notifications Received Display the number of notifications received. More options can be found
     upon clicking.

numbers 01 Exit Quit the game.
Gameinterface game
numbers 01 PLAY NOW! Automatically matched you with the other players, or start the tutorial to familiarize
     yourself with the game controls!

numbers 01 Create Game Creates a public game match with various advanced options.

numbers 01 Public Games Display a list of public games available; double click on the rooms to join the match.

numbers 01 Match Stats Display a list of heroes and their respective information.

numbers 01 Herodex Displaying the total number of players online across SEA, CIS and NA/EU, mouse-over to
     view the breakdown.

numbers 06 HoN Store Display a list of items you can purchase with Gold / Silver Coins to enhance your
     gameplay in HoN.
numbers 01 Channel List Display a list of chat channels you have joined.

numbers 01 Channel Search Create or join any chat channels by typing in the text box.

numbers 01 Chat Window Display the chat contents in the specific channel.

numbers 01 Auto-Connect Automatically connects to the specific channel if the box is checked.

numbers 01 Exit Exit the specific chat channel. 
numbers 06 List of players List of players in that particular chat channel.