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In both Matchmaking & Public Games

Random draft

Limits hero selection to 20 heroes and then an alternate picking format by the players.

Single draft

Each player is given a random hero selection of one agility, one intelligence and one strength hero.

banning draft

Identical to Random Draft, except Blue and Pink take turns banning a total of 4 heroes.

banning pick

Blue and Pink take turns banning a total of 6 heroes and then players alternate picking from the remaining hero pool.


Group leaders are the captains of the team and will do the full banning, lock and picking for the team. Captains will start off by blind banning two heroes, then alternately locking 6 heroes into the lock pool which will then be available for the team to select later on. Captains will then ban 3 heroes each from the remaining pool, followed by the hero selection phase from the remaining pool for the first 3 players. And finally, the captains will pick heroes from the locked pool for the remaining 2 players.

all random

Each player will be given a hero randomly.

blind ban

Blue and Pink will get to ban 3 heroes and once the timer is up, the banned heroes will be shown. Afterwhich, the two teams will proceed to pick the desired heroes.