Hero: Bombardier
Number of Alt Avatars: 0
Play Style: magic
  • Health: 492
  • Damage: 44-49
  • Mana: 312
  • Armour: 2.24
  • Difficulty: 4.5
  • Strength: 18 (+1.9)
  • Range: 600
  • Intelligence: 24 (+2.7)
  • Attack Speed: 0.68
  • Agility: 16 (+1.4)
  • Move Speed: 300
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Brother of the famed evil scientist that became Dr. Repulsor, the Bombardier uses his wild mind to aid the Legion. Just a few years ago, the two brothers made amazing technical wonders together. But the Hellbourne arose and corrupted Repulsor, leaving the Bombardier with a fierce sense of vengeance. Bombardier, along with faithful assistant Twitch, uses his various inventions and dangerous toys to beat the Hellbourne back into hell so far that they will finally release their evil grip on his brother.