Hero: Riptide
Number of Alt Avatars: 0
Play Style: physical magic cc
  • Health: 492
  • Damage: 48-52
  • Mana: 195
  • Armour: 3.08
  • Difficulty: 1.5
  • Strength: 18 (+2.0)
  • Range: 130
  • Intelligence: 15 (+2.0)
  • Attack Speed: 0.72
  • Agility: 22 (+2.0)
  • Move Speed: 290
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The creature known as Riptide was the finest captain of the Legion's Armada, and any who questioned her ability due to gender would find it hard to continue their insults with a slit throat. Her ship, The Mermaid's Wrath, was sailing upon calm waters when the sea began to swirl and churn. The Maw was hungry. The Mermaid's Wrath and her entire crew were lost to the whirlpool, and as soon as the top castle disappeared the waters returned to serenity. But below the surface, these fine sailors and their captain were just beginning the endless torture of The Maw. Their lungs were filled with its icy waters, which had a terrible, undeniable consciousness, and their bodies were broken, battered, and reformed in the undertow. When the Second Corruption occurred and all of Newerth shook, The Maw released Riptide to serve as a protector of the deep, imbued with additional strength whenever she feels the cold comfort of water, and to deliver the most skilled warriors of Newerth back to the abyss. If the shape-shifting Riptide is any indication of what will become of them, it is best for everyone to stay out of the river.