Hero: Tarot
Number of Alt Avatars: 0
Play Style: physical
  • Health: 454
  • Damage: 40-44
  • Mana: 247
  • Armour: 2.3
  • Difficulty: 2.5
  • Strength: 16 (+2.0)
  • Range: 500
  • Intelligence: 19 (+1.6)
  • Attack Speed: 0.71
  • Agility: 20 (+3.0)
  • Move Speed: 295
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For centuries, the Ageless Oracle has been reborn at the peak of conflict to serve as the voice of the gods and share her visions with the mortals, but to never interfere.\n\nReborn after the Beast Bone Years as Tarot, a fortune teller who travels with her caravan of gypsies through the ravaged Forests of Caldavar, she foresaw the downfall of Maliken Grimm and the opening of The Scar but was powerless to stop it.\n\nNow Tarot has visions of the destruction of the World Tree, and with full awareness of the doomed future of Newerth she cannot continue with mere divination. She must join the fight against the Hellbourne and tip fate, wavering on the precarious tip of destruction, toward life.