Hero: Deadlift
Number of Alt Avatars: 0
Play Style: Pusher
  • Health: 606
  • Damage: 47-62
  • Mana: 273
  • Armour: 3.02
  • Difficulty: 4
  • Strength: 24 (+3.0)
  • Range: 128
  • Intelligence: 21 (+2.2)
  • Attack Speed: 0.69
  • Agility: 18 (+1.6)
  • Move Speed: 310
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Deadlift was human once, a prisoner of the Hellbourne named Eckol who was forced to turn his fellow prisoners into feed for the Fright Hounds. He had forsaken all hope when his long-lost wife, Reena, appeared next to him--she was next in line for the slaughter. Eckol found hope again, and courage. He fought to save Reena and escape the prison camp just as Calamity shattered Newerth closer to the Third Corruption. Reena was consumed by the spreading evil and pulled into the underworld while Eckol was torn apart by shrapnel and cursed with the power to raise the dead. He gathered the molten scraps of metal and used them to hold his ruined body together, vowing to fill the underworld with souls until he found Reena once again.