Hero: The Madman
Number of Alt Avatars: 0
Play Style: physical
  • Health: 492
  • Damage: 47-51
  • Mana: 208
  • Armour: 3.22
  • Difficulty: 2.5
  • Strength: 18 (+2.1)
  • Range: 128
  • Intelligence: 16 (+1.5)
  • Attack Speed: 0.72
  • Agility: 23 (+2.8)
  • Move Speed: 300
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No one knows for certain the identity of this masked and demented murderer. Some say he was confined for eons in the deepest pit of Hell, a villain so black at heart that even the Hellbourne treated him as a pariah, yet so deadly that they were forced to call upon him in their war with the Legion. Others say he is a man, just a man, but driven mad by the endless carnage he has witnessed.