Three Times Lucky: Triple October Specials

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Published on Friday, 11 October 2013 14:28
We're up all October to get lucky! This October Plinko has been driving Merrick crazy by giving away all his treasures in the store! Here's what Plinko will be giving out!
From 14-18 Oct: Play at least 2 MM games* a day for these 5 days to get 500 Silver Coins
From 21-25 Oct: Play at least 2 MM games* a day for these 5 days to get Throwback Accursed, Throwback  Defiler, Throwback Magebane 
From 28 Oct - 1 Nov: Play at least 2 games* a day for 5 days to get 150 Gold Coins
Bonus: Accomplishing all of the above 3 will get Gorilla Warfare Artillery for free!
*Note: Only Midwars & FoC ranked/unranked games 
Event will be from 0000 GMT+8 - 0059 GMT+8 per start and end of event dates.