Plinko's Rift Opening!

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Published on Thursday, 07 November 2013 14:50
The rift is opening and Plinko's up to mischief again!
The gold coins cost per play will be on 33% discount  for 1 week with Riftwar launch!
Rift Exchange Rates: 90 GC, 100 tickets
Tier 1: Zenifir, Legendary Valk, Quintan
Tier 2: Tetra, Queen of Fools, Sileena, Ruin Revenant, Basher Behemoth
Tier 3: All avatars from 360GC - 400GC
Tier 4: All avatars at or below 300GC
Tier 5: 100 tickets
Tier 6: 50 tickets
Be Rift & see you on the other side!