Grab Your $500,000 Cash Now! The Malaysia HoN National Championship

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Published on Tuesday, 27 March 2012 22:22


A new year, a new start! Saluting all players! Garena is proud to present The Malaysia Heroes of Newerth National Championship 2012, featuring over RM500,000 in cash. This tournament, exclusively for Malaysians, will kick off in April, setting a definite milestone in Malaysian gaming history as it will be staking the highest cash pool as yet.

Garena continues to support a variety of gaming communities with increasing effort to make competitions more fun and lucrative for players, providing them with infinite opportunities to pit their skills against the top tier teams in the world. In this spirit, registration for the event will be made open to players of every league. This will see The Malaysia Heroes of Newerth National Championship 2012 having a wide array of different teams proving their worth in a quest for the coveted RM500,000 in cash. As the victors of each qualifier tournament are blocked from participating in subsequent events, even the vanquished stand a chance to make a comeback in later qualifiers.

Qualifiers will be played over the course of 8 months where 8 individual LAN events will be hosted at 6 different States in Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Perak, Johor and Sarawak. In conjunction with the LAN Events, an Online Tournament with 8 qualifiers will also be held to accommodate the various participating teams that will be competing for a RM160,000 cash pool, rounding up a total of 16 different qualifiers with a RM10,000 winner-takes-all final; watch as the weakest link gets eliminated with each passing stage!

In collaboration with the highly anticipated and successful Garena Malaysia Carnival, the grand finals will be held in December, where the finalists will meet in ultimate combat for the total grand prize money of RM340,000. The crowned champion will be taking home RM300,000 in cash and glory, not forgetting the 2nd and 3rd placing who will be presented with RM30,000 and 10,000 respectively.


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