Typhoon Haiyan Relief

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Published on Wednesday, 27 November 2013 10:41
Do your part for the Typhoon Haiyan victims!
HoN PhilipinesTyphoon Icon

Recently, Philippines was hit by a Super Typhoon Haiyan which witnessed many casualties and affected an estimated of 13.2 million people, of which 5.5 million of them are children. At that moment, they are in dire need of clean water, hygiene supplies, food, shelter and safe environment in order for them to recover from this unfortunate event.

We at Garena will be reaching our hands to them! And we believe you, our beloved community would very much want to reach out to them as well, to ease their burden and sufferings.

A new symbol will be created solely for this purpose and will be put up for sale after the patch tomorrow.

This symbol will be available in HoN Store from 27 November 2013 ~ 4 December 2013, after which the amount (in dollar value) will be tallied and proceeds will be donated to UNICEF (http://www.unicef.org/philippines/).

In addition, Garena will be doubling the proceeds as to what have been sold.

Thus, please lend your helping hands by purchasing the new symbol off the HoN store!