[V3.3.4] Patch Notes

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Published on Tuesday, 25 February 2014 15:41
Dear Heroes,
There will be a Game Client Patch v3.3.4 on Wednesday, 26 February 2014, 0700 hrs - 1159 hrs (GMT +8)
Game Service will be unavailable during this time. Players are advised to logout before this time. 
*Downtime may be extended without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances.*
New Avatar:
New Avatar:
 New Avatar:
Allfather Odin
New Avatar:
Asgard Thor
 Humility Maliken Pegasus Plague Rider  Allfather Odin Asgard Thor Thunderbringer
New Avatar:
New Avatar:
Halcyon Judicator
 New Avatar:
New Avatar:
Coral Snake Medusa
New Avatar:
POG Blacksmith
 Hestia Gravekeeper Haclyon Judicator    Hercules Hammerstorm Coral Snake Medusa POG Blacksmith

Version 3.3.3

== New Content == 

- Added new Maliken Ultimate Avatar: Humility
* Maliken Grimm has been the savior and the scourge of mankind, so powerful in his daemonic power that the Blind Prophet had to summon the Five Disciples and the Virtues to bring him back to Sol’s flock. But one must wonder--is Maliken truly redeemed, or is this a ploy to gain access to the very heart of the Legion, his flesh and blood, Jeraziah and Ophelia?

- Added new Plague Rider Alt Avatar: Pegasus
* Many worshippers of Zeus and the Greek gods believe the creatures from the Rift are reincarnations of mythological monsters like the Chimera. The brave and loyal warriors Pegasus and Bellerophon have been summoned from Mt. Olympus to battle these creatures and the Hellbourne, on land and in the skies!

- Added new Tundra Alt Avatar: Allfather Odin
* As the Archaic Gods clamor for power and influence among the warriors of Newerth, Odin has sat upon his steed Sleipnir and felt oddly removed from it all. The revelation came when he witnessed King Jeraziah leading an attack of skirmishers in the blessed armor of the Disciple Omen. Of course! What leader can hope to gain respect when he is so removed from his soldiers? Odin immediately found a suitable stable for Sleipnir and strode to the battlefield in his footsoldier armor, prepared to demonstrate what the Allfather of the gods could do face-to-face.

- Added new Gravekeeper Alt Avatar: Hestia
* Lured from her place in Olympus by the chaos of the Hellbourne, Hestia descends to restore faith and order to the Legion as they battle that which threatens their health and home. In her anger, Hestia calls upon the power of the hearth to ignite her enemies in shrouds of fire and surround them with the burning spirits of their ancestors.

- Added new Gladiator Alt Avatar: Halcyon Judicator
* The Halcyon Judicator is a noble, albeit contentious, authority figure, whose desire for ultimate honor and justice often ironically clouds his judgment. He has no patience for those who break his idea of the law, even if their intentions are pure or there are reasons behind their actions. He seeks to be the judge, jury, and executioner of criminals, taking orders from no one and punishing victims in ways he deems fit, without the consent of anyone else.

- Added new Hammerstorm Alt Avatar: Hercules
* Hera still holds a grudge against Zeus’s illegitimate son Hercules, and she has guided the Oracle of
Delphi to add a thirteenth labor to the legendary hero’s list: travel to Newerth and rid that world of the
Hellbourne. When Hercules heard this command, he hefted his massive club and cheered at the
prospect of fighting alongside his father and sending daemons back to the underworld.

- Added new Thunderbringer Alt Avatar: Asgard Thor
* Just as his father deemed to walk among the Legion soldiers as an equal, Thor decided his common, barbaric appearance was robbing him of respect and adulation. He returned to Asgard and chose his finest armor, polished to a blinding brightness, and rejoined his loyal troops wearing battle garb worthy of a god.

- Added new Midas Alt Avatar: Coral Snake Medusa
* Medusa has long sought revenge against Athena for transforming her into a hideous creature, and her gorgeous new warpaint signifies a fair warning to the goddess of so-called justice that she had better armor up when they next meet on Newerth.

- Added new Blacksmith Alt Avatar: POG Blacksmith
* The POGS avatars are here! These high definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.


== General == 

- You can now view detailed/simple stats for all matches. Simple stats has been reduced to exist inside the match stats panel

- Fixed the fast forward hotkey

- Fixed the sizing and positioning of multiple dialogs/tips

Gold Gifting 

- The gifting of gold coins function has been disabled permanently


== Bug Fixes and Optimizations == 

- The wings effects now display properly if Accursed has Staff of the Master in his inventory

- Essence Projection can no longer be cast inside buildings, therefore it can be clicked properly now

- Regurgitate now has a cast range indicator when you hover over the skill

- Spore Breath now has a cast range indicator when you hover over the skill

- Fixed Sidestep so that its bonus damage is included if you use Crippling Dart while the Sidestep buff is still active on you

- Curse of Ages now only affects enemy units. *Attacks on all non-building units still remove a charge from Curse of Ages.
- Curse of Ages no longer stuns enemy courier.

- Removed Entrapment's cast range circles while the line indicator is in effect

Doctor Repulsor
- Optimized Magnetic Contraption scripting (no gameplay change)

- Fixed Grendel Gauntlet's death sound so it doesn't play an irritated high-pitched sound anymore

- Fu Lion (Alt3) Gemini's ice projectile model while using Twin Fangs (W) now shows the correct model

- Crippling Slugs will no longer draw a square on the minimap

- Goon Squad minions no longer show up on the minimap

- Fixed Queen Bee (Alt2) and Tera (Alt3) Monarch alt avatars' Crippling Pollen projectiles so that they don't curve abnormally high into the air

- Fixed Nymphora's invisible gadgets so that they cannot be tabbed to
- Fixed Nymphora's selectable Teleport Target gadget to show the correct icon when being hovered over
- Teleport now has the teleport aura radius when you hover over the skill

- Whirlbubble will no longer travel farther than intended
- Removed Whirlbubble's cast range circle while the line indicator is in effect

- Fixed so that all of his avatars play the Venomous Leap sound properly if Predator uses the spell while very close to his target
- Default Predator, Bunny Predator and Rift Predator item usage animations now play correctly when an item is used

- Serpent Prophet & Bone Prophet (Alt & Alt2) now have their autoattacks propagate correctly in their ultimate affector
- The spawned autoattack projectiles now have the correct corresponding visuals to their alt avatars for Serpent & Bone Prophet
- Shared Fate affector now have the correct corresponding visuals to their alt avatars for Serpent & Bone Prophet

- Fixed channel bar for Protective Melody when she has Staff of the Master

- Will no longer proc Null Stone if returning damage to an enemy ranged unit

- Improved the cast range indicators of certain skills:
* Dampeer's Vampiric Flight (W) has a line indicator
* Lodestone's Shatterstorm (R) has a radius indicator
* Midas' Lion's Pride (W) has a line indicator
* Monarch's Noxious Cloud (E) has a targeted circular indicator for the initial cloud AoE
* Solstice's Pure Light/Lunar Judgment (R) has a max range indicator when attempting to cast the spell.
* Tundra's Avalanche (R) has a line indicator to indicate the AoE against the side targets

- Fixed the following gadgets from appearing on the minimap:
* Kraken's Release the Kraken whirlpool
* Midas' Lion's Pride
* Monkey King's Wan Jin Slam
* Rhapsody's Disco Inferno
* Voodoo Jester's Spirit Ward
* Zephyr's Typhoon

- Glyphs of Fortification: Fortification of Sol and Demonic Fortification now truly mitigates all damage to 0