GSL 2014: SPOT & WIN

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Published on Monday, 17 March 2014 11:54

Get your GSL 2014 symbol and stand a chance to win prizes! From 19th -24th March [GM]s will be sneaking around in matchmaking games! Players who have the GSL symbol equipped and who are lucky enough to get any GM ingame will be rewarded handsomely. Be sure to stay tune for the Global Announcement by the [GM]s to participate! Remember, more Games, more luck!

Here are the Prizes to be Won!

1. Nickname Change
2. Gold Coins
3. Stat Reset
4. Avatars
5. Silver Coins


1. Players successfully matched with the [GM]s are required to take a screenshot and post it up on    
    Garena HoN forum. 

2. The first 5 entries with valid screenshots will be awarded with the following prizes randomly.

3. The GSL 2014 symbol has to be worn on by the players when the screenshot is taken.