[GSL 2014]: HoN Superstar! Make Your Super Plays Shine Winners!

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Published on Friday, 28 March 2014 14:37
Dear Heroes,
Thank You for sharing your awesome gameplay moments with us.
Check out your epic Super Plays, Super Fails and Super Random Moments here:

Congratulations to the lucky winners who will receive 200 Gold Coins each!

Top Fails:
1: [3PIC]haLa`noh`
2: [TsTB]Vikkuty
3: nitr0us0xide

Top Plays:
1: [GuC]hiroki
2: [VNHR]TH_Dinosaur
3: [TsTB]bo_may_thic
4: Failedout
5: [A41]hoangduya4
6: [CSSz]jetrayyeeee
7: [Pz1]BIG`Food`

1: VNTaro
4: [4BAP]RainbowFixie
5: xxB3Nxx

Catch the online stream of GSL 2014 here [http://www.twitch.tv/garenahonsea] from the 28th – 30th of March to watch your favourite teams battle it out!


*Prizes have ALL been given out.