[V3.4.1] Patch Notes

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Published on Tuesday, 22 April 2014 15:41
Dear Heroes,
There will be a Game Client Patch v3.4.1 on Wednesday, 23rd April 2014, 0700 hrs - 1159 hrs (GMT +8)
Game Service will be unavailable during this time. Players are advised to logout before this time. 
*Downtime may be extended without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances.*
New Avatar:
Axolotl Pollywog
New Avatar:
Blight Wraith
 New Avatar:
New Avatar:
Horny Lizardon
 Axolotl Pollywog Blight Wraith  Hippomonium Horny Lizardon
New Avatar:
Acolyte Amun-Ra

 New Avatar:
Arctic Harrier
New Avatarr:
Cherub Monarch
Acolyte    Artic Harrier Cherub

Version 3.4.1

== New Content == 

- New Pollywog Priest Avatar: Axolotl Pollywog (Guardians of Newerth)
* The eccentric Axolotl Priest is a deadly hunter and callous enemy, reigning from the northern regions of the Rulian Marsh. Often trading rare plants and potions to the local troll hunters in exchange for gold and weaponry, he spends his time perfecting lethal poisons and coating his modified spearheads with the toxins. He is difficult to find amidst the thick jungle leaves, and by the time his shiny coat has been spotted, the enemy is already long lost to the marsh.

- New Chipper Avatar: Arctic Harrier
* The Arctic Harriers stomp onto the battlefield from the northern Frost Fields, where they have been busy protecting defenseless creatures and cleaning up Blight Wraith's toxic trail with their eco-friendly green goop (don't ask what's in it). Now that the Harriers have tracked the vile Scorched Newerth crew to Caldavar, they’re willing to break a few tectonic plates to stop Blight Wraith’s army from turning the planet into a barren wasteland.

- New Armadon Avatar: Horny Lizardon (Guardians of Newerth)
* The shifting sands of The Great Waste have provided little nourishment or foundation for the animals and structures that resided in them, save for the hardiest plants and reptilian beasts that were able to reserve water in their bodies. This was fine for Horny Lizardon, a peacemaker and lonesome defender. However, the underground explosions and eruptions from The Scar, north of the deserts, which shook the earth and engulfed the citizens with lava spills were enough to provoke the spiky guardian into action against the daemons responsible.

- New Pandamonium Avatar: Hippomonium (Guardians of Newerth)
* Hippomonium is the guardian of Newerth’s mountainous regions, spending his days eating, sleeping, and sparring with other sumo in an isolated dojo elevated high above Sang-La. He is the yokozuna, or highest ranked fighter, training other grapplers to defend themselves so long as they adhere to a strict regimen of discipline. From his perch, he is able to see the spread of disease and pollution the blighted ones have initiated over Newerth, and has resolved to defend his home at all costs. He hits hard and fast, and is his size isn’t enough to intimidate an opponent, the speed of his fists is.

- New Amun-Ra Avatar: Acolyte Amun-Ra
* Acolyte was a devoted student of Juna, the Sister of Sol whose brother Jaru betrayed their god and the Legion in return for Hellbourne immortality and power. Acolyte assisted Juna through many sessions in which they prayed for Jaru’s redemption, reaching out to salvage his tainted soul. Jaru knew this, felt it, and with each session he offered Acolyte another glimpse of what she could gain by selling her soul. Soon she was utterly corrupted. She stole many priceless, powerful relics and volumes of magic known only to the Sisters of Sol and carried them to Jaru’s feet, where she has knelt ever since. She is his most devoted disciple, and most deadly. She seeks to raise more evil entities like Amun-Ra, just as the Corrupted Disciples did.

- New Monarch Avatar: Cherub Monarch
* When the 7 Virtues were sent by Sol to aid Jeraziah in his crusade against the daemons spilling from Hell’s Keep, the Cherubim came along with them to act as a protector class for the holy warriors as they did battle. Standing tall, through short of stature, they guarded the Virtues with protective magic and cleansing spells, allowing them to tear through regiments the Hellbourne beasts without worry about their wellbeing.

- New Electrician Avatar: Electrician (POG)
* The POGS avatars are here! These high definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.

== Bugfixes == 

- Circe's ultimate form expiration animation no longer plays through fog

Emerald Warden
- The triggered Overgrowth now has its lifetime consistent with the immobilize state duration
- Grass effects no longer linger after an Overgrowth gadget expires

- Submariner Kraken now plays his Splash attack animation correctly again

- Watery Grave now properly slows the target when the target is in the river
- Undertow can now be properly cast near the edges of the map
- Undertow's slow state is no longer transferable via Parasite's Facehug
- Now has a ring around Riptide while he has the In My Element buff to indicate the range enemy heroes can see him when they are near
- Perfect Storm is no longer blocked by Nullstone
- Cleaned up ability tooltips

- Scoutzo non-Disarm attack impact sounds are now audible
- Scoutzo attack animation speed adjusted to match attack impact timing

- All avatars attack animation speed's have been adjusted to match attack impact timings

- Death Lotus blades respawn properly on the Shadow illusion once they go off cooldown on Silhouette
- Death Lotus usage now plays the animation properly on the Shadow illusion when Silhouette uses the skill

- Solstice's Shadow Dash will no longer apply its slow state through magic immunity

The Gladiator
- Showdown can now be double-activated to cast on self

- Impalement now has a timer to indicate how long is left on the spell's duration

- Groundhog Tremble now plays its death sound properly