Subdue The [GM]s - Part 2

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Published on Thursday, 24 April 2014 15:41


Subdue The [GM]s is back again! If you think you have got what it takes to take down the GMs, be online from the 25th- 28th of April to get this verses going on! The winning team that have managed to defeat the GM or triumph alongside the GM will both be awarded.

Details on event:
Date: 25th – 28th April 2014

Time: 8.00pm -10.00 pm (GMT+8)

Channel: GMEVENT

Map: Mid Wars

Server: SEA


Winning against/alongside the [GM]s - 200SC x 5 players

Losing againts/alongside the [GM]s - 50SC X 5 players

GMEVENT Channels Rules:

- ONLY English Language
- NO Spamming
- NO Colored Texts
- NO Glow Texts
- NO Emotes (/emote)
- NO Racism remarks or discrimination against other players. (Please be civil in the channel at ALL times)
- NO Profanities/Vulgarities (Such as offensive, sexual or racism remarks, be it in English or any other languages)

*If you do not abide to any of the above rules, you will be silenced/kicked or banned from the channel. YOU WILL NOT be able to join GM Events after getting banned. Therefore, please abide to the channel rules at all times