Acolyte Amun-Ra: All Will End In Fire

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Published on Friday, 02 May 2014 11:21

Amun-Ra Alt Avatar: Acolyte Amun-Ra
Acolyte was a devoted student of Juna, the Sister of Sol whose brother Jaru betrayed their god and the Legion in return for Hellbourne immortality and power. Acolyte assisted Juna through many sessions in which they prayed for Jaru’s redemption, reaching out to salvage his tainted soul. Jaru knew this, felt it, and with each session he offered Acolyte another glimpse of what she could gain by selling her soul. Soon she was utterly corrupted. She stole many priceless, powerful relics and volumes of magic known only to the Sisters of Sol and carried them to Jaru’s feet, where she has knelt ever since. She is his most devoted disciple, and most deadly. She seeks to raise more evil entities like Amun-Ra, just as the Corrupted Disciples did.
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