Patch 2.1.3 Change Log

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Published on Wednesday, 17 August 2011 15:26

Version 2.1.3
Master of Arms
- Fixed some minor icon stuff
- Fixed swapping between weapons giving charges to Mana Battery/Power Supply
- Fixed some minor tooltip and icon discrepancies

- Fixed some minor missing icons and tooltips
- Fixed a bug where you could tab to the dance floor
- Fixed aura effects
- Fixed aura not affecting SuperiorMagic
- Fixed Attack Projectile

Version 2.1.2

The current Free Heroes have changed. The current available list is:

* Wildsoul
* Emerald Warden
* Aluna
* Nomad
* Pandamonium
* Electrican
* Moraxus
* Tempest
* Myrmidon
* Dampeer
* Torturer
* Succubus
* Accursed
* Flux
* Hellbringer

- Hero picking screen expanded

- UI fixes to the HoN Store and game lobby
- Fixed some spec UI cornercase bugs
- New option that lets you switch between OpenGL and DirectX in options

== Items ==

- Abyssal Skull, Nome's Wisdom, and Refreshing Ornament can now be toggled between all and only heroes

== Heroes ==

- New Intelligence Hero: Rhapsody
- New Early Access Agility Hero: Master of Arms

- Added a new Premium Alt Avatar: Overseer Hellbringer
- Added a new Limited Edition Early Access Alt Avatar: Commander of Arms
- Added a new Limited Edition Early Access Alt Avatar: Jade Warrior

Drunken Master
- Fixed him playing animations while dead

- Can now cast Hand in Hand on Magic Immune units

Monkey King
- Fixes to him hitting people who are Physical Immune

- Tweak to Infest so it checks better for when he dies
- Fixed Infest giving gold and exp from allied units in cornercase situations

- Tweaked Elemental visuals

Version 2.1.1

- The current Free Heroes have changed. The current available list is:
Corrupted Disciple
Flint Beastwood
Night hound
Witch Slayer
Demented Shaman
Voodoo Jester

- A few UI fixes for weird behavior in the HoN Store
- Shader fix for macs
- Parasite no longer gets gold or exp from killing an allied creep with Infest

Monkey King
- Illusive Dash: accomodated for Slam cancelling correctly
- Various Vault fixes and optimizations
* Fixed teleporting units back to their original position
* Fixed AoE impact effect to play properly at the point of damage instead of the Monkey King's position
* Fixed AoE impact sound playing multiple times

- Tweaked selection coloring
- Fixed Basic members in a group hosted by a Verified player never being able to ready up

Version 2.1.0
- Heroes of Newerth VIP membership readjusted!
* Please refer to our forums for an FAQ that will answer most questions about what this means to you

== Account Type Explanation ==

- Basic: The standard, free account new players will receive upon sign up.
* Access to the weekly 20 free heroes
* Matchmaking restricted to All Pick
* Can purchase access to additional Heroes through the in-game store

- Verified: Basic accounts that have been upgraded through a show of commitment to their account, by either purchasing Goblin Coins or surpassing a certain threshold of play time
* Access to everything a basic player has, plus the ability to participate in Verified Only Matchmaking, to guarantee separation from Basic players if desired
* Can choose to play all matchmaking modes, however the use of Tokens or Passes are required (some tokens are awarded once a Basic account upgrades to Verified)

- Legacy: anyone with existing VIP membership has automatically been upgraded to a "Legacy" account
* Access to Verified Only matchmaking
* Can continue to play all game modes without the need for Tokens or Passes
* Will continue to enjoy free access to the general hero pool

== HoN Store ==

- NEW ANNOUNCER: British Gentleman Announcer
- Alt Avatars are now in a big list and can be sorted by Hero Name, Price Low to High, Price High to Low, or Avatar Name
- Previews for Alt Avatars changed to be much larger and more detailed
- Alt Avatars are no longer in the vault, if you own them there is a checkbox next to them in the list

- Early Access
* New heroes may be released as part of the Early Access Program
* Early Access is a new system that allows players to purchase the ability to play these heroes prior to being available for FREE in the general hero pool
* Early Access Heroes are disabled in Tournament Mode
* For Basic/Verified ("Free to Play" accounts), purchasing a hero that is in the Early Access period will unlock access to that hero for all time

== General HoN Changes ==

- Matchmaking
* Improved matchmaking algorithms to result in slightly faster match times, with potentially more well-balanced teams
* Significantly improved matchmaking algorithms for how they pertain to 3v3 solo matching. Queue times for Grimm's Crossing should be significantly faster for solo players.

- Social Bonus for Matchmaking added
* Social Bonus is a replacement for Quick Victory
* If you play with 1-2 friends (total of 2-3 people in the party), you get 1 additional coin
* If you play with 3-4 friends (total of 4-5 people in the party), you get 2 additional coins

- Compendium removed, replaced with the Herodex
* Now contains detailed information about Heroes, including usage stats and Guides

- General Interface Changes
* A lot of the Interface has changed and been updated for ease of use
* Midbar redesigned to be more clear and catchy to both new and veterans
* Status Bar has players online moved from right to left side and now displays your current coins, tokens, and passes
* Friends List is now limited to 100 max and shows how many you have online

- Tutorial Fixes
* Fixed music warning spam in console (slightly improves performance)
* Fixed an issue that was preventing the confirmation button on the "you have died" message from allowing the player to continue

- Randoming in All Pick no longer gives bonus Gold
- A few small updates for stat submissions
- Group chat channels will no longer show the "Auto-Connect" checkbox and accompanying tooltip next to it
* Clicking the "X" in a group chat channel will now remove you from that group
- Fixed a few typos in the Matchmaking window
- All Random is no longer a checkbox. It is now a Game Mode similar to All Pick, Random Draft, or Banning Pick
- Practice mode can now only be All Pick
- Can now spawn Alt Avatars in Practice mode if you own them
- Added new tooltips for when players hover over the voice chat button in the game lobby.
- If a player is ignored then the player who has ignored them will no longer receive messages about them when the ignored player silences them from a channel or bans/unbans them from a channel
* This also fixes people spamming you with clan invites while under the effects of /dnd

- Editor now has the Water Tool added!

== General Gameplay Changes ==

- When attacking from the fog, the amount of time you are revealed to the enemy has been lowered from 3 seconds to 1.25 seconds
- All neutral creeps abilities have had their cast times lowered from 500ms cast time to 250ms
- Removed a rock in the west Legion large neutral camp that blocked movement
- Removed the statue on top of the hill to the west of the Legion Ancient Camp
- Water on Caldavar replaced with dynamic better water
- Added new tooltips to the in game buttons for sharing units with allies, enabling/disabling no-help, and toggling voice chat.
- Fix to Homecoming Stone and Dr Repulsor's Electric Frenzy
- Fix to Homecoming Stone and Steamboots causing a visual Max HP/MP desync
- Teleport (like BooBoo) will now clear fog vision reveal
* This should fix the infamous Booboo Cross-map Creep Pull
- You can no longer swap an item in your stash with an item on the courier if you do not own the second item

- New Selection System
* Heroes and units are highlighted with outlines instead of circles
* White is your selection, Green are allies, Red are enemies
* By Default, your hero is NOT highlighted. This option can be enabled in the options menu by selecting "Self Hero Outline"
* Can switch between circles and outlines in the options menu

- Hero Guides Fixes
* Plugged some cases where guides wouldn't work
* Should better handle the case where two timeouts occur before the guide is opened (fixes no guide bug)
* Featured guides prompted because of a timeout in the second part of the retrieval should now show items and abilities every time (fixes text only bug)
* Should recheck the hero every time the guide is opened, in case the ui hasnt loaded when the hero spawn trigger fires (fixes wrong hero bug)

- Spectator Interface reworked
* Showmatch between MSI and OK using the new Interface: Click Here
* Now has three major adjustable pieces: Information Panel (Bottom Middle), Pushbars (Top Middle), Hero Panes (Top Left and Top Right)
* Spectators can now zoom out much farther
- Can now free look with the \ key while a Spectator
* Spectator Options menu is accessable in the bottom right of the Information Panel (Gear)
* Pushbars at the top now easily show which team has more Gold and Experience
* A hero taking damage sets off the Gank Alert at the top of the screen
* Any item bought that is more expensive than 700 gold pops up next to a hero portrait and plays a gold noise so you know they bought something and what it is easily. The value that triggers this event is adjustable in the Spectator Options.

* Keybindings for the spectator interface can now be shared with ingame ones, so Q W E R are abilities ingame but can be completely different in the spec UI! Some defaulted keybinds/functionality:
* TAB, when held, shows the Expanded Hero Panes, the current selected Information Tab, and Expanded Pushbars at the same time
* CAPS LOCK, when held, hides all elements (Hero Panes, Info Screen, Pushbars, Replay Controls) at the same time. This is the inverse of TAB functionality
* Left click a hero portrait, it selects the hero. Double left click, it centers on the hero. Right click, it locks the camera on the hero. Right click again to undo the lock.
* Left click any ability icon to turn on numbered cooldowns on top of the icon. Left click again to undo.
* Left click any Health bar to turn on Health bar numbers. Left click again to undo.
* Left click any Mana bar to turn on Mana bar numbers. Left click again to undo.
* Left click the colored large dot to the right of the hero abilities to cycle hero panes between hidden and shown. Right click to expand all hero portraits.
* Left click the shield of a team at the top to see the towers and barracks remaining. Right click to see Gold and Exp differences between teams. Left click on the numbers to cycle between different ways of seeing this
* 1 through 5 change which Tab at the bottom you are using. In order: Players, Stats, Gold per Minute, Experience per Minute, and Player Damage
* F1 cycles the visibility of the Hero Panes (None, Default, Expanded)
* F2 shows or hides the Information Panel
* F3 shows or hides the Pushbars
* F4 shows or hides the Replay Controls
* Q toggles between all elements Hidden and Shown. This is the same as hitting F1 through F4, except it only cycles the Hero Panes between None and Default
* E locks or unlocks the Camera on the selected unit
* X, C, and V snap the camera to the corresponding Gank Alert

- Replay Controls
* Based off the Small Replay mod by Duker
* Can now free look with the \ key
* All buttons are now bindable
* Now features a hold to fast forward key (Default F)
* Jump to PoV (R) temporarily changes your perspective to that of the unit you have selected until you release the key

- Friend / Foe Health Coloring
* Optional feature to aid newer players, available in the Mods option tab.
* Your team is always green, enemies are always red

== Neutral Creeps ==

- Wild Hunter (The Magic Immune ones)
* Now have the ability to stealth for 15 seconds with 50 bonus attack damage on attack out of stealth and 20% movement speed

- Ice Ogre armor
* Increase cooldown from 5 to 10 seconds
* Remove Melee Slow part
* Duration from 45 to 30 seconds

== Items ==

- Removed the Winged Courier recipe!
* The Upgrade ability on a Ground Courier will now take 200 gold from whoever uses the ability and upgrade the courier
* Can be done anywhere on the map

- Basic Ground Courier cooldown increased to 10 seconds
- Fixed Stormspirit to work with new channeling state for Homcoming Stones
- Nullfire Blade moved to Combative shop from Morph Attack
- Energizer manacost lowered by 50 and movespeed buff increased to 75

== Heroes ==

- New hero: Drunken Master
* Drunken Master Spotlight
* Drunken Master Sound Creation Blog

- New Early Access hero: Monkey King
* Monkey King Spotlight
* Monkey King Sound Creation Blog

- Added an Alt Avatar for Zephyr: Snow Zephyr
- Added an Alt Avatar for Drunken Master: Hillbilly Brawler

Amun-Ra_20_20 Amun-Ra
- Intelligence from 10+1.0 to 15+1.5
- Path of Destruction self damage reduced from 20% to 15%

- Charges gained from enemy spellcasts up from 60% to 75% of the enemy Manacosts

Corrupted Disciple
- Overload duration lowered from 20/25/30 to 20 seconds at all levels

- Keg cooldown from 14 seconds to 12 seconds
- Already placed Spider Mines now level up with ability level up, cooldown on recharge from 30 seconds to 25 seconds
- Energy Field damage per second from 28/58/88 to 50/75/100
- Attack action time from 500 to 450, Damage from 37-50 to 40-47

Matry_20_20 Martyr
- Sacrificial Lamb now heals nearby allies for (40/60/80/100) + (20/30/40/50)% of health sacrificed
- Retribution now slows 15% base, +1% per 1% of health missing, still up to 50%

- Weed Field manacost from 90/100/110/120 to 105/110/115/120
- Magic Carp manacost from 85/95/105/115 to 100/105/110/115

Parasite_20_20 Parasite
- Leech damage from 80/130/180/230 to 80/140/200/260
- Draining Venom now also benefits creeps that Parasite inhabits
- Draining Venom now also applies from ability casts

- Shudder auto-levels with ability level up
- Terrorport no longer costs mana
- Mounds now level properly (previously would give correct aura but incorrect gadget level)

Soul Reaper
- Attack action time from 530 to 450

== Bug Fixes ==

- Fixed Power Throw's projectile hitting a bit behind her

- Removed noninterrupting="true" from her Webbed Shot
* Fixes the fact she could attack while channeling LOL

- Fixed Decay dealing damage to enemies while stealthed; it no longer does so.

- Optimized Electric Shield & Energy Absorption

Emerald_Warden Emerald Warden
- Fixed illusions bugging Gawain when you level them up on the illusions
- Lowered her Overgrowth's trap impact interval from 500ms to 350ms
- Fixed Dryad Warden's projectile attack impact sound

- Fixed As One cooldown to the correct values

- Hid the Magnetic Surge and Discharge states
- Fixed it so the correct state icon is displayed for the proper Release state applied (purple for push, light-blue for pull)
- Fixed it so the correct colour of rings is displayed on the target for the proper Release state applied (purple for push, light-blue for pull)

- Fixed the vision from Pitfall; now it grants vision of the target area 1 frame before the enemies gets launched into the air.

- Set cast time of Galvanize to 1

- Fixed another super long Barrel Roll return bug.
- Fixed Stalk mod exploit

- Steam Bath state changed from StatusBuff to StatusStealth
* Makes this consistent with all other stealth in the game
- Fixed Eruption's SotM-boosted as it was dealing one too few damage pulses

- Fixed Nymphora's Zeal's projectile hitting a bit behind her

Parasite_20_20 Parasite
- Fixed couriers suddenly stopping when Parasite infests a creep
- Fixed an issue with him not leaping at people the whole way in long leaps

Revenant_20_20 Revenant
- Fixed enemies seeing Mortification affector visuals in fog/invisibility when you cast it on them with level 2 or 3 of Manifestation
- Fixed a movement bug from hindering Revenant's spells when the targets are out of range

Sand Wraith
- Allowed Mirage to spawn illusions even if the target is invulnerable
* Prevents invulnerability skills from "canceling" Sand Wraith's ultimate
- Fixed the Mirage illusions so that they will properly stay to the target even if their target becomes invulnerable
- Fixed the Mirage illusions so that they die if their target dies

- Optimized his Vanish
- Fixed his Disarm so it works properly on non-heroes now

- Fixed Shudder's Terrorport mana cost; it is now 0 as well.

- Fixed Vigilante Vindicator's Master's Incantation projectile; it has an impact sound now
- Removed noninterrupting="true" from his Master's Incantation
* Fixes the fact he could attack while channeling LOL

Monkey Courier
- Fixed a minor preview issue with Rat Courier - the preview scaling is now correct & consistent with the others

Sol's Bulwark
- Won't apply the armor or negative armor to invulnerable units anymore

Vulture Lord
- Fixed the slow from the Tornado lasting infinite time when Parasite swaps it onto someone