[V3.4.4] Patch Notes

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Published on Tuesday, 03 June 2014 15:26
Dear Heroes,
There will be a Game Client Patch v3.4.4 on Wednesday, 4 June 2014, 0700 hrs - 1159 hrs (GMT +8)
Game Service will be unavailable during this time. Players are advised to logout before this time. 
*Downtime may be extended without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances.*
New EA Avatar:
New Heror:
 New EA Avatar:
Hecate Moira Singularity

New Avatar:
Gargoyle Bloodhunter
New Avatar:
Librarian Vindicator
 New Avatar:
Russian Battlebear

 New Courier:
Izbushka Courier

Gargoyle Sexy Librarian Russian Battlebear icon

Version 3.4.4

== New Content == 

- New Hero: Moira
* Harkon’s young apprentice is still learning how to control the arcane energy coursing through her body, and it takes every ounce of her will to keep the destructive power from obliterating everything around her. She fights for the Legion to avenge the murdered Harkon while she seeks the experience and hidden magics that will let her be at peace once again, though that seems like a futile hope amid the chaos of her existence.

- Ability 1: Shards of Harkon
* Moira conjures up two Shards of Harkon, consuming one and tossing another to an Ally. After a short time they explode, stunning and damaging nearby enemies.
* Target an Ally (or self). After a 1 second delay, two Shards explode out from you, dealing 70/140/210/280 Magic Damage and applying a 1.25/1.5/1.75/2 second Stun to the 2 nearest enemies. After an additional 1 second delay, Shards will explode out from the targeted ally, with the same effect.
- Ability 2: Mana Sunder
* Target an enemy hero to completely empty their Manapool. After a short delay, they regain all of the Mana they lost.
* Target an enemy hero to destroy all of their Mana, dealing 1/2/3/4x their Intelligence in Magic Damage. After a 1/1.5/2/2.5 second delay, they slowly regain all the Mana they lost. If the enemy casts anything while they are regaining Mana, their Manapool goes back to 0 and after a 1 second delay, they regain it all again.
- Ability 3: Ephemeral Forge
* Target a location within range to create a Spirit of yourself there. The Spirit can cast spells like you and use your items, but your hero is vulnerable!
* Target a location to channel and create a Spirit Mimic of yourself for 10/14/18/22 seconds. The Spirit takes 250% damage and can use all items and spells freely. When the Spirit casts a spell, Moira loses Mana equal to its cost. If Moira is stunned or silenced, the ability ends.
- Ability 4: Arcane Vortex
* Target a location to overload it with unstable Arcane energy, ripping a hole in the fabric of reality. All nearby units are sucked into the energy.
* Target a location to suck all nearby units into an Energy Vortex for 4 seconds. The Vortex grows over time and you cannot target or interact with anyone inside. For 2.5 seconds after it ends, all caught Enemies are Slowed by 35%, and take 125/250/375 Nonlethal Magic Damage; while Allies have +35% Movement Speed.

- Debut Moira Avatar: Hecate
* Hecate is the Greek goddess of witchcraft, guardian of the household, and goddess of the three paths of the crossroads, which is why she presents herself with two additional faces on her shoulder pauldrons. In ancient times Zeus allowed her to grant humanity any gift she wished, and based on Newerth’s choices in the crossroads of life she has returned to grant us all a well-deserved ass whoopin.

- New Moira Avatar: Singularity
* Singularity Moira carries the dying energy of a collapsed planet within her. She has searched the galaxy for a new home to share the intelligence and emotions gained from her planet’s existence, and now she has arrived upon Newerth. What do you think—could we use some more intelligence here?

- New Vindicator Avatar: Sexy Librarian
* School’s out, and this curvy mistress of literature can’t wait to unbutton and chase some Canterbury tail. When this vivacious wordsmith takes you back to the biology section, get ready to hit more than the books!

- New Predator Avatar: Russian Battlebear
* A military experiment gone wrong, the Russian Battlebear is a hybrid of nature’s fiercest beast and man’s toughest machinery. Decorated with custom plates recycled from old Russian tanks, the Battlebear was supposed to lead the Soviets to victory in the 1960’s, but could not be contained for long after the experimental procedures had started. His brute strength, combined with durable armor, overpowered waves of scientists and military personnel, and his massive blades cut through the ranks he was supposed to defend, leaving his sterile holding cell a slaughterhouse

- New Blood Hunter Avatar: Gargoyle
* The stone grotesques carved from the towers of Blackwal were intended to protect the inhabitants and ward off evil spirits, and they did a fine job, but their hideous faces could do nothing to deter the malevolent forces growing within. When Lord Salforis harnessed the dark energies pouring from the Scar to raise his army of the dead, the gargoyles pulled their stone claws free and stretched their heavy wings, hungry to fill their wide gullets with rivers of blood.

- New Courier: Izbushka
* What better way to intimidate the enemy and impress your cohorts than to have your items delivered by a flying chicken hut? If they don’t think you’re awesome, they’ll think you’re insane. Which is better in HoN.

- Corrupted Disciple (POG)
* The POGS avatars are here! These high definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.

== General == 

- Snotter Boss IS BACK IN ACTION
- Updated effects on Ultimate Engineer

== Balance == 

Antlore Healer
- Uncontrolled Antlore Healers will now only heal creeps that are under 80% health

Large Snotter
- Experience bounty increased from 47 to 48

== Bots== 

- New Bot: Ellonia
* This bot was created by Mellow_Ink
* Mellow_Ink receives 6400 gold coins, his choice of alt avatar, and the Robot Courier forum award!

- Blink Lib has been added
- Bots will retreat to smarter locations with blinks
- Several heroes will now use their blinks to return to base
- Bots no longer retreat through towers
- Fixed an issue where bots were overly aggressive against illusions
- The HealAtWell behavior values tweaked and it now takes into account missing Mana

== Bug Fixes and Optimizations == 

- Fixed full damage mitigation interactions (e.g. Rhapsody's Protective Melody, Jeraziah's Sol's Blessing) with reflexive skills like Chronos's Rewind or Armadon's Armordillo from triggering their effects while receiving 0 damage due to the damage mitigation states

Frostfield Plate
- Couriers can now use this item again, provided they have the Mana available for Frostfield Plate's activation

- Cosmonaut Bubbles textures have been fixed around his armpit and shell
- Cosmonaut Bubbles Shell Surf model now properly displays a jetpack when thrown if Cosmonaut Bubbles has Tablet of Command in his inventory

Grave Keeper
- Hestia now uses the correct effects for Defiling Touch

Forsaken Archer
- Crippling Volley indicator radius adjusted to match the actual radius

Master of Arms
- Master of Cybernetics repeater gun produces auto-attack sounds once again

- Sea King Myrmidon cooldown voice line fixed

Pollywog Priest
- Fixed a few shader errors that happened on Penguin Priest

Prisoner 945
- The ol' Ball and Chain now properly drags a Voodoo Puppet belonging to the enemy team (created by Puppet Master on your allied team)
- Temperance Prisoner no longer has opaque wings when invisible

- Rhapscallion's attack and select voice lines have been fixed

- Health is now properly readjusted when he exits his Wish for Revenge avatar form manually by using Phenomenal Cosmic Power

- Quiver effects display properly at all camera angles

- Boris is now displayed with all of his avatars in the store preview and learnatorium

- Booboo is now displayed in the store preview and learnatorium
- Summon Booboo now shows Booboo's leash range to Wildsoul (1050 units)

- Added timer bars for the following units:
* Artesia's Essence Projection
* Engineer's Energy Field
* Vindicator's Glyph of Silence