3rd Honiversary Event: HoN Bonus Hour

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Published on Friday, 27 June 2014 18:06


Dear Heroes,
Book a date with us this 29th June as at 1500-1900 as we are having our Bonus Hour Event at this specific hour.
1. Player will be able to purchase “The Grab Bag” which contains 1 random PREMIUM avatar at an insane price of 250 Silver Coins!! (Limited 1 Grab Bag per person)

2. Played at least 1 Match Making game (any mode) and you are entitle to enter the lucky draw and stand chance to win these awesome prizes:

- 33333 Gold Coins x1
- ALL Ultimate Avatars x3
- 3333 Gold Coins x10

*Be sure to make yourself available in this period and not to miss out this event!