Kurgan Legionnaire: Your Head Is Mine!

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Published on Tuesday, 08 July 2014 11:42

Legionnaire Gold Edition Avatar: Kurgan Legionnaire
There can be only one... Gold Edition Legionnaire! Even the most hardened soldiers of the Hellbourne shy away when The Kurgan joins the fight—especially those who consider themselves immortal. While most daemons seek victory, blood, and souls from Man and Beast, The Kurgan scours the battlefield for only the most potent life-force, and he cares not if he takes if from Legion, Hellbourne, Rift, or Chiprel. And if your life-force is deemed unworthy of collecting, you'll most likely be tossed into the dog pit for amusement. But don't lose your head! As long as he doesn't decapitate you, you can come back for another go. Wait, his Ultimate ability is called Decapitate? Well played, Kurgan.
In Stores 9th July 2014!