Halion: The Wood Elf

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Published on Friday, 03 October 2014 10:52

Swiftblade Alt Avatar: Halion
It is believed the elf races evolved from a fringe element of the Fourth Clan, the Scouts, a faction that drove further into the forests of Caldavar and created a utopian society untouched by outside influence. This paradise was shattered by the Second Corruption, and the elves selected a few elite warriors to leave the elven lands to keep the Hellbourne infection from touching their sacred territory. Halion is one of these warriors, and he carries two blades, blessed by the Blind Prophet himself before his assassination. When the blades touch daemon flesh, each impact grants Halion more energy to continue his attack. With these blades, he will never tire while battling the Hellbourne.
In Stores 3rd October 2014!