[V3.5.7] Patch Notes

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Published on Tuesday, 07 October 2014 17:33
Dear Heroes,
There will be a Game Client Patch v3.5.7 on Wednesday, 8 October 2014, 07.00 hrs - 1159 hrs (GMT +8)
Game Service will be unavailable during this time. Players are advised to logout before this time. 
*Downtime may be extended without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances.*
New Avatar:
Libra MOA
 Item Avatar:
Riftshards Gladiator

 New Avatar:
Royal Armor Osiris
 Libra RiftshardsGladiator RoyalArmorOsiris 
New Avatar:
Gunclaw, URSA Gunblade
New Avatar:
 Gunclaw Scarlord 

Version 3.5.7

== General == 

* The Harvest Festival has arrived in Newerth!
* The Forest of Caldavar and the Mid Wars battle have seen a darkness fall on the land...
* Rumor has it Kongor was slain, only to rise again as a shambling horror!
* Even the sight-granting wards have been stuck with a change
* Keeper of the Forest has noticed a new growth in his Roots
* Kuldra's Sheepstick now comes with a bite
* Music and sounds of the world have been altered
* And more!

== New Content == 

- New Electrician Avatar: Royal Armor Osiris
* Just as the cycles of nature ebb and flow, Osiris has risen to the peak of his power and wealth due to the monarchies of Newerth flooding him with gold in an attempt to ensure life after death through his assimilation rituals. Rather than hoard this gold, Osiris has adorned himself with its luster to show everyone-rich and poor alike-what is possible when you submit yourself for rebirth through him.

- New Armadon Avatar: Scarlord
* Even gazing upon the monster known as Scarlord is enough to send chills down one's spine. Emerging from the Scar clutching a gigantic mace larger than most men, he storms to the forefront of the Hellbourne troops with only his wicked horns protruding from the ominous clouds that roll into his new stomping grounds. With each violent step, the daemon king sets fire to the environment, taking the souls of the damned with him as he travels, and, in his search for new blood to spill, not a blade of grass will be left unscathed.

- New Master of Arms Limited Edition Zodiac Avatar: Libra
* Libra seeks balance and harmony in all things, and it has become evident that the daemons coursing out of various Hells have tipped the scales of power too far toward the damned. Libra has joined the wars between the righteous and the cursed in order to restore harmony, though she is prepared to use harsh negotiation tactics should her attempts at diplomacy fall short.

- New Gladiator Item Avatar: Riftshards Gladiator
* The warrior known as Riftshards Gladiator began as a combatant so inept he was relegated by the munera overlords to the task of venturing into closing Rifts to harvest the valuable Riftshards left behind. This was nothing short of a death sentence, but the gladiator found himself growing stronger as he was exposed to the unholy, razor-sharp remnants. He was soon strong enough to lift and wield the preferred gladius and whip, then it felt like nothing to add a Punchdagger to his sword, which quickly changed to a Broadsword as his body was augmented by the invasive Riftshards. When he was fully corrupted by the shards, his body was forever changed and no mortal warrior could stand before his Riftshard arsenal.

Item Upgrades
* When the player gets Punchdagger, a Punchdagger model is added to the avatar's sword
* When the player gets Broadsword, the avatar's sword model becomes the Broadsword
* When the player gets Riftshards, shards will begin to sprout from the armor and the sword becomes a blade made of glowing Riftshards
* As the player upgrades Riftshards, even more shards will sprout from his body and armor until he is totally corrupted!

Ability Upgrades
* Pitfall now features Riftshard spikes harvested by Riftshards Gladiator
* Showdown now features a Hellbourne Rift bristling with Riftshards
* Call to Arms now summons the Riftcreatures and Battlecart used by Riftshards Gladiator to harvest his Riftshards, and the ground erupts with razor-sharp Riftshards.

- New URSA Corps Gunblade Avatar: Gunclaw
* Gunclaw tried to do it the legal way. She was deputized in Adkarna and tasked with keeping the peace in the the overcrowded refugee camps on the fringe of the city, full of humans and beasts fleeing the front lines of the battle between the Legion and Hellbourne. She failed. Crippling hunger and rampant crime infected the camps, and when the simmering rage burst into a full-blown riot the law woman knew there was no malice in the violence, only fear. She opened the massive warehouses and gave the people what they wanted - food to feed their starving children and blankets to fight the freezing nights - and almost had the turmoil contained when the Royal Guard arrived. Where she saw fear and desperation, they saw threats and revolt. The mounted warriors slaughtered everyone involved with the riot while Gunclaw screamed for them to stand down. When the killing was done, she swore to never again serve a cause more interested in power and control than peace and tolerance. And now she knows, in order to make peace, she must first make war.

- New POGs Avatar: Predator
* The POGs avatars are here! These high definition skins will be released one

== Bug Fixes and Optimizations == 

- Flying units can no longer exit game bounds (e.g. Klanx with his H.A.W.K. (W) skill, Flying Couriers)

Insanitarius Berzerker
- When using his mask, he will now say his item line

- Sound added for when item is activated

Emerald Warden
- Overgrowth icons are now correct when they are selected with multiple units

- Infest now expires properly and automatically releases Parasite if his infested unit becomes deleted

Puppet Master
- Fixed a rare bug where Voodoo Puppet would sometimes not die with its target

- Rhapscallion visual interaction with Martyr's Guardian Angel have been fixed

- Mass Control's secondary activation now throws all lifted units within 1800 units of him when cast

- Fixed sword effects for Cyber Samurai

Voodoo Jester
- Cursed Ground visual effects rescaled to more accurately match its radius

The following abilities and item have had script optimizations:
- Maliken's Sword Throw
- Teleporters in Midwars, Grimm's Crossing and Riftwars
- Shieldbreaker
- Flying/Ground Courier's Homeward Bound
- Valkyrie's Call of the Valkyrie
- Silhouette's Relentless Salvo
- Sand Wraith's Deserted
- Rhapsody's Protective Melody
- Rampage's Horned Strike
- Pollywog Priest's Voodoo Wards
- Moraxus' Matraxe
- Nymphora's Grace of the Nymph

The following spells can no longer travel incredibly long distances when cast on the same frame as a teleport:
- Bubbles' Shell Surf
- Madman's Barrel Roll
- Tundra's Piercing Shards
- Aluna's Power Throw
- Sir Benzington's Joust
- Kraken's Tsunami Charge
- Sand Wraith's Desert's Curse
- Cthulhuphant's Trample
- Geomancer's Dig
- Chronos' Time Leap
- Riptide's Undertow
- Gladiator's Call to Arms
- Dark Lady's Charging Strikes
- Myrmidon's Waveform
- Master of Arms' Ace up my Sleeve
- Ellonia's Absolute Zero
- Nymphora's Nymphora's Zeal
- Maliken's Sword Throw


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