[V3.5.8] Patch Notes

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Published on Monday, 20 October 2014 16:41
Dear Heroes,
There will be a Game Client Patch v3.5.8 on Tuesday, 21 October 2014, 0700 hrs - 1159 hrs (GMT +8)
Game Service will be unavailable during this time. Players are advised to logout before this time. 
*Downtime may be extended without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances.*

 New EA Avatar:
8-Bit Kane

 New Hero:

 New Avatar:
Katana Kane 
New Avatar:
 8-Bit Kane Kane Katana Kane  LynnX
New Avatar:
New Avatar:
Thriller Rhapsody
 New Avatar:
Bonnie Blood Hunter
New Avatar:
Ellie Envy
 PredaTori ThrillerRhapsody  BonnieBloodHunter   EllieEnvy
New Avatar:
Bedsheet Devourer
 New Courier:
URSA Corp Courier

 New Courier:
Pumpkin Courier
 Bedsheet Devo ursa pumpkin 

Version 3.5.8

== New Hero == 

- New Hellbourne Strength Hero: Kane the Usurper
* Kane the Usurper is an orphaned, mixed-breed warrior raised by Maliken to despise all forms of royalty and authority. His utopia is a Newerth bereft of crowns, with only the strongest and most savage allowed to hold dominion over others. He is incredibly cocky, but he can back it up, so maybe he's just confident...

- New Kane Debut Avatar: 8-Bit Kane
* 8-Bit Kane has devoted his life to demolishing every video game record in Newerth, and with his years of dedicated training and powered-up gear, the pixels and high scores are trembling with fear. Choose 8-Bit Kane and proclaim to the world: All your base are belong to us.

- New Kane Avatar: Katana
* Katana is a wandering samurai with no master, on a seemingly never­ending search for the mongrel who traveled deep into the Sang­La Mountains, hacked his way through dozens of warriors and murdered Ronin's lord. This beast is known as Kane the Usurper, and Ronin will avenge the death of his master before he joins him in the afterlife.

== General == 

- Pauses in Tournament Mode no longer have a 5-second countdown
* Unpausing still has the 5-second countdown
- Bot matches with one person will no longer display the Leaver Disconnect screen
- Courier no longer shows as being "dead" in the UI when it has 1 HP

Goblin Store
- Preview buttons on Alt Avatars, Taunts, etc. now play sounds properly

== New Content == 

- New Halloween Party Cosplay Avatars:
* Preda Tori Predator
* Ellie Envy Parasite
* Bonnie Blood Hunter
* Lynn X Grinex
* Let the Cosplay Halloween Party begin! These festive, Newerth-loving ladies have worked all year on their costumes and the time has finally come to show them off! Join the Halloween celebration by showering the map with their new party effects and trying to win the Best Cosplay Award*! (*Contestant must be alive to win.)

- New Halloween Holiday Edition Rhapsody Avatar: Thriller Rhapsody
* Thriller Rhapsody is a zombie who has returned from the dead because of her love for Halloween, dancing, and brains. She digs her way out of the grave every year to boogie across Caldavar while shredding flesh with her wickedly sharp keytar and cracking open some skulls for a snack to share with her fellow zombies. Watch out if you find yourself in her hellish Disco Inferno -- zombies don't like it when you mess up their dance routine.

- New Halloween Holiday Edition Devourer Avatar: Bedsheet Devo
* Who's the corpulent, grotesque, skinless creature with the weird arm hiding under that stained bedsheet? Armadon? Puppet Master? ...Blacksmith? Ah, who knows; could be anyone!

- New Halloween Holiday Edition Silhouette Avatar: Mae Nak (English Voice-Over) / Lady Nak (Thai Voice-Over)
* Mae Nak is a ghost from Thai folklore in a perpetual search for her husband, who fled when he realized his wife was actually a spirit. She terrorizes every living creature she encounters, blaming them for making him flee, and kills everyone she can to keep them from revealing her haunted secret.

- URSA Corps Courier
* The URSA Corps is running low on ammo--quick, send in the custom courier! The only way to claim your URSA Corps Courier is by owning these avatars:
* Mistress Of Arms
* Ussuri Gauntlet
* Kodia Devo
* Axia Moraxus
* Barrage Bombardier
* Gunclaw Gunblade
* Scoria Magmus

- Pumpkin Courier
* This spooky pumpkin knows all about possessions. Oh, your possessions? Here you go, with extra seeds, stringy goop, and haunting!
* This courier is not for purchase and only acquired by collecting all of the cosplay avatars

== Bug Fixes and Optimizations == 

- Heropets (e.g. Puppet Master's Voodoo Puppet, Gemini's split form Fire/Ice pets) will no longer count as an extra kill/assist for the following skills & items:
* Devourer's Cadaver Armor
* Nomad's True Strike & Mirage Strike
* Grave Locket
* Sacrificial Stone
* Icon of the Goddess

- Emerald Red's state no longer uses up charges if Aluna casts Emerald Red after casting Déja Vu & uses the second and third activations of Deja Vu

Emerald Warden
- Gawain's abilities are now properly reset by Restoration Stone
* Ultimate abilities have a 0.5s cooldown to prevent too much Practice Mode auto-refresh Gawain Q spam
- Overgrowth traps can no longer be attacked by ally players if Emerald Warden turns off help from that player
- Overgrowth will no longer be triggered when attacked by an invulnerable enemy unit

- Splash now has a cast range indicator

- In My Element's circle indicator now respawns correctly if Perfect Storm is active and Riptide dies & revives before the duration of Perfect Storm is over

- Asgard Thor's Chain Lightning effect will no longer spread out randomly on the screen

- Sexy Librarian pages will no longer come out of the book when she dies

- Horus Zephyr (Alt6) selected flavour sound now plays the correct sound file