Gold & Silver Coins Issue

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Published on Friday, 31 October 2014 17:48

Dear Heroes,

It has been a tedious war the HON team has been fighting the past few days. As you might have already know, HON attracted an annoying bug which affected most of your accounts, causing a sudden surge in your Gold Coins amount. No, it's not Christmas yet, it was not an intended gift.

We've managed to uncover this bug almost immediately after it has occurred, however, there are players who acted faster than us. A game of fastest finger wins. This bunch of players purchased items using the bugged Gold Coins, thus these players may have noticed their Gold Coins amount has became negative after the bugged Gold Coins have been removed.

For the past two days, we tried our best to assist these players to reverse the transactions made using the bugged Gold Coins, and we managed to make their Gold Coins balance positive and continue their normal game play. Should you have a different issue on this saga, please do not hesitate to approach us, our defense is strong enough to be a tanker, don't worry!

PS: Please rest assured that all promotions have been extended accordingly so you will not miss anything!