URSA Grizzington: Protector Of The Innocent

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Published on Thursday, 06 November 2014 11:28

New URSA Corps Benzington Avatar: Grizzington
The URSA Corps warrior known as Grizzington began as an animal rights activist who devoted her life to protecting the innocent creatures of Caldavar from the carnage of the war between the Legion and Hellbourne. The conflict has torn through fragile ecosystems, destroyed migration patterns, and left countless carcasses in its wake, pushing many species to the brink of extinction. Convinced the humans of the Legion care for the animals only as far as their pelts can bring wealth and glory, while the Beasts are too preoccupied with survival to care for their less-powerful brothers and sisters, she turned to the sisterhood of the URSA Corps and worked with Kodia to design a suit of armor for herself and her beloved creatures. The first prototype of rider and mount was christened Grizzington, and she rides forth to hunt and kill any who threaten the innocent of Caldavar.
In Stores 5th November 2014!