Calamity : Dragonfire & Ruin

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Published on Wednesday, 17 December 2014 07:30

New Hero: Calamity
* When the boy king falls from grace his tainted soul will be judged by The Three, and he shall be lost forever behind the calamitous Sunder, the great horror who traps all condemned souls within the endless Hells with his vast wings. And so begins the Third Corruption.
* Sister Arete of the Sacred Order believed Sol had set her upon a path to be King Jeraziah's Queen and provide him with an heir. She knew the King was struggling to counter the brutality of the Hellbourne's dark magic, so she hid herself in the catacombs below the Cathedral of Arasunia and devoted her studies to the black arts until she was expert, able to consult Jeraziah on the daemonic forces that were turning his armies into corpses and dust.
* When Sister Arete finally musters the courage to forsake her vows of the Sacred Order and present herself to the King, Jeraziah accuses her of being a daemon herself, trying to tempt him into the sin that would cast his soul down to be judged by The Three Judges of All Hells: Minos, Abaddon, and Aeacus, and forever imprisoned by the dragon guardian Sunder.
* Sister Arete is expulsed from the Sacred Order and exiled from Arasunia, but her months spent with the dark arts have twisted her mind and spirit into believing she will stand beside Jeraziah whether he likes it or not, and she has a plan to do so. She bursts back into the Cathedral and gorges on poison on the altar, killing herself and sending her soul to be weighed by The Three Judges, who condemn her to an eternity of wearing a crown of corpses and being burned alive by Hellfire.
* This is what Sister Arete wants.
* She is sent to face Sunder, who hoards the souls within the Vault of All Hells, and she uses her powers to make the fearsome guardian her pet. Now she has become Calamity, breaking open the doors of hell and unleashing an endless stream of tortured souls upon Newerth. But she cares not about this - she will kill every one of Jeraziah's soldiers until only he is left standing, and then she will stand beside him, ruling the Third Corruption together.
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