Killawatt: The Warlord's Gunsmith

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Published on Friday, 26 December 2014 12:00

New Avatar: Killawatt
Killawatt could have gone down in Rulian history for harnessing the crackling, viscous electricity of the marsh eels and using it to bring light and power to the dark corners of the swamp, but instead he used it to fry his enemies while protecting himself with charged shields. Classic Rulian. However, the shield could not protect him from the marsh eel swimming in his custom-made power vat, and when he prodded it once too often the creature responded by biting Killawatt's arm off. Again, this is common in the marsh. This did not thwart the industrious rodent, who built himself a mechanical appendage to serve as a constant conduit for his swamp shocks. Killawat now serves as the gunsmith for the Rulian Warlord, making sure his weapons are always functional and (mostly) clean. Owning Ultimate Rulian Warlord Flint gives Killawatt an upgraded weapon and effects!
In Stores 26th December 2014!