Invader Ravenor: You Are Outnumbered

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Published on Tuesday, 06 January 2015 11:00

New A.R.M.S. Avatar: Invader Ravenor
The Invader Advanced Robotic Mobile Suits (or A.R.M.S.) have been hastily constructed in the Electrician's Laboratory in response to the Legion's discovery of the Savior battlesuits, and a select few Hellbourne combatants have been drafted into testing them against live fire.

Ravenor was an easy choice to be among the first wave -- if the Invader suit malfunctions and electrocutes its pilot, he won't even notice. Invader Ravenor is an augmented, evolved version of the Hellbourne Daemon Lord, and the enhancements to his lightning attacks may be enough to short-circuit the Legion's Savior campaign.
In Stores 7th January 2015!