White Orc Rampage: Know Your Place!

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Published on Friday, 16 January 2015 10:22

Rampage Alt Avatar:White Orc
While most Hellbourne warriors will gladly kill any Legion scum they encounter, the White Orcs of Krula, storming down the slopes atop their slavering, monstrous hyenas, have a special affinity for slaughtering the halfling warriors who dwell in the mountain forests surrounding the City of Iron. The two races share a long, lethal history of mountainous territory taken, reclaimed, and lost again to each other and the blood feud runs deep through the veins of both sides. The bravest halflings try to use this against the White Orcs, baiting them so fellow Legion soldiers can flank and kill the myopic riders, but unfortunately this has mainly resulted in a shortage of brave halflings.
In Stores 16th January 2014!