Northman Werebear: Revenge WIll Be Mine!

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Published on Monday, 19 January 2015 15:34

Wildsould Alt Avatar: Northman Werebear
The Northman Werebear is a legend among Legion troops, a shape-shifting wildman whose entire race has been slaughtered by the Hellbourne. He now protects his parcel of the Forest of Caldavar with his ever-present wood ax-and if that doesn't work, he’ll summon his beloved pet bear to chase down and shred any trespassers. As for those who defy the ax and outwit the bear, the legend says, they get to face the savage Northman in his transformed state, a two-legged bear with the instinct of a primal beast and the vengeance of a broken hearted man.
In Stores 20th January 2014!