Death Dealer: Soothsayer Of Doom

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Published on Friday, 30 January 2015 11:59
New Blackwal Tarot Avatar: Death Dealer
When Lord Salforis learned that the nomadic tribes which sometimes skirted along the fringe of Blackwal had a chosen few who could see the future, he ordered his Carrion Harvesters to scour the realm until they found one. His shambling soldiers did as he asked and dragged the terrified woman before the Baron of Blackwal, who demanded the oracle tell him if he would live forever. The poor gypsy was confounded. It felt as though her own life was being stolen in the presence of Salforis, and every whisper from her divination told her the hulking brute of a man was already dead. When she finally found her voice and courage and said as much, Salforis was so enraged he called forth the grasping hands of his Undying. They tore at the oracle's flesh and soul, but Salforis would not let them pull the life from her completely until she told him what she saw when she sought the manner of her own death. Only when she screamed “This! Here!” did he grant her death, though it was a brief respite, for he immediately reanimated her corpse to serve as his personal soothsayer of doom.
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