Diao Chan: Guardian Of The Monastery

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Published on Monday, 16 February 2015 14:40

Empath Alt Avatar: Diao Chan
The Sang-La Mountains have always produced legendary warriors, and with Calamity's attempt to begin the Third Corruption wreaking havoc throughout Newerth the Shào Temple has sent the elite Guardians of the Monastery of the Way to help thwart this dire threat to Newerth. Diao Chan feels the tragic disharmony of Newerth, pushed to a critical level by the arrival of Calamity and the tortured souls of All Hells. She moves as one with her fellow Guardians of the Monastery of the Way, and woe be to the enemies who amass before her with the intent of harming her allies and home.
In Stores 16th February 2015!