Deadlift: The Dead Shall Rise

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Published on Wednesday, 25 February 2015 11:22

  New Hellbourne Strength Hero: Deadlift
Deadlift was a normal man named Eckol captured by the Hellbourne and forced into slave labor in one of the countless Bonedust Camps, where his size and strength made him the perfect candidate to operate an Incinerator. These murder machines chewed and burned its victims but left them alive so they could be fed to the ravenous Fright Hounds, and when the victims were hesitant to enter the churning maw, Eckol had to force them in.
 This drained his soul and left him hollow, until the next victim was Reena, his wife. They had not seen each other since the Hellbourne raid on their village, and when they embraced Eckol felt life and hope return to him. This lasted until the Pit Lord and his Malphas broke them apart. The Pit Lord commanded Eckol to shove his wife into the Incinerator. Instead, Eckol tried to start a revolt in the Bonedust Camp. We'll never know if it would have succeeded, because at that moment Calamity opened the Vault of All Hells and tore the Scar open even further.
  The chasm ripped through the camp and pulled Reena in, and Eckol caught her hands just before she plummeted into the depths of corruption. As he tried to pull her away from the grasping, slithering, clutching limbs of the daemons emerging from the Scar, Eckol watched his beloved wither and decay as the corruption took root within her. The Incinerator shattered in a furious explosion, tearing Eckol's flesh and connective tissue into ribbons. In his pain and grief, Eckol did not notice the corruption snaking into his wounds, cauterizing them and infusing him with the ability to raise the dead. As madness and agony coursed through Eckol's tainted veins, the Pit Lord whispered the only way this ruined man would ever find and recover the corrupted soul of his wife -- send an endless stream of souls into the underworld until Reena's hands reach up to touch him once again. And so Deadlift began his work.
In Stores 26th February 2015!