URSA Multiplier

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Published on Friday, 06 March 2015 17:21

Dear Heroes,

After the long wait,the URSA Multiplier v is now available in store! To those who have collected all 10 URSA avatars, you are now able to claim it for FREE in store now (Click Other). To those of you who wonders what is the benefit of having URSA Multiplier, this multiplier grants player a 2x Silver for every MM played.


You are required to collect all 10 URSA Avatar set below in order to claim it:

- Ussuri
- Kodia
- Axia
- Mistress of Arms
- Barrage
- Scoria
- Gunclaw
- Uproar
- Grizzington
- Arctos


*Note that this item will automatically expire on 31 August 2015.