Drunken Fool: Carefree

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Published on Thursday, 02 April 2015 11:55

Drunken Master April Fool's Day Holiday Edition Avatar: Drunken Fool
No matter what happens on the battlefield against the brutal, merciless Hellbourne, there is one man in Adkarna who never gets depressed. This may have something to do with the fact that he never gets sober, but we'll never know. The Drunken Fool is the full-time professional Jester of the Royal Family, but because Jeraziah hates fun and Ophelia rarely sets foot in the Capital, the Fool spends most of his time making sure the wine cellar does not gather cobwebs and honing his stage combat skills against the gilded mirrors throughout the castle. "How feeble and wobbly these enemies are! Have at you, bleruuughzzzzz...
In Stores 1st April 2015!