[3.6.7] Patch Notes

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Published on Wednesday, 08 April 2015 18:36
Dear Heroes,
There will be a Game Client Patch v3.6.7 on Thursday, 9th April 2015, 0700 hrs - 1200 hrs (GMT +8).
Game Service will be unavailable during this time. Players are advised to logout before this time. 
*Downtime may be extended without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances*

Songkran Edition Avatar
Tidal Magmus
Songkran Edition Avatar
Gold Edition Edition Avatar
Soaker Rosie
A.R.M.S Avatar 
Invader Dampeer
POG Avatar
Tidal Magmus Chalawan Soaker Rosie InvaderDamp POGSS
Version 3.6.7
7th April 2015

== General ==

Songkran Mid Wars Map
- Newerth celebrates the Thai New Year with an updated Mid Wars map! Enjoy these new features for a limited time only!
- Songkran Fun & Games: Water Balloons & Trebuchets
* A water balloon spawns every 30 seconds opposite the rune
* Players can grab this balloon and bring it to their trebuchet to reload it
* Attacking your trebuchet launches water balloons at the enemy team's shoreline
* Units hit by balloons are slowed per hit and take magic damage
* Trebuchets target random heroes and show where balloons will land
- Map Updates
* New Songkran music added for the Mid Wars map and its lobby: Celebrate Songkran with the ancient music of Thailand
* New top jungle camp with waterfalls
* Water updated to a more clear and pleasant teal color
* Textures, lights, particle effects, foliage and terrain have all been updated and tweaked
* Boss area has been updated with new statues and props

New Songkran Mid Wars Boss: Songkranstein
- Transmutanstein is in full Songkran celebration mode and he’s loaded up with water, clouds of white powder and flower petals to power-cleanse any bad spirits who wander into his festival site

- Q: Sleeping Powder
* Songkranstein shoots a blast of colored powder into the air
* After a few seconds, the powder comes back down in an AOE around the boss
* Any unit caught in the AOE slows down, then falls asleep for 3 seconds
- W: Water Cannon
* Songkranstein sprays a blast of water toward a hero
* All units caught in the blast are pushed in its direction, taking damage at the end
- E: Geysers
* Spawns geysers at random locations in the Songkranstein pit
* If a unit is on a geyser when it explodes, they are thrown out of the pit
- R: Water Spouts
* Songkranstein sprays three streams of water in different directions that rotate around him slowly enough for heroes to avoid
* Units caught in the stream are pushed back and suffer magic damage
* Units are trapped in the pit during this time by a wall created by Songkranstein
* The only way to leave the pit is to blink out or get ejected by a Geyser

Mid Wars
- Duplicate Heroes Banning Pick is now a default mode in Matchmaking

== The War Effort ==

- As the battle rages across Newerth, questers are continually finding new, lucrative opportunities!
* In this Cycle, complete your missions to earn an assortment of Gold and Silver as well as POG Soulstealer and this cycle's exclusive avatar, Minerva Silhouette
* This cycle's reward for those questers who top the leaderboard is the coveted Trophy Swiftblade

- New War Effort Silhouette Avatar: Minerva
* Nothing prepares you for combat on Newerth quite like being ripped out of your mother's womb (also your aunt's) and devoured by your father Jupiter, then springing out of his forehead holding a complete arsenal of weapons. With all of this considered, it makes complete sense that Minerva is the goddess of wisdom, arts, trade, and strategy. In the war between the Legion and Hellbourne she chooses to devote her artistic talents to carving up the enemy, loves to trade blades for kills, and most of her strategies revolve around stealing worshipers from her Greek counterpart Athena. The first chance she gets to snag that fluffy owl away from the daughter of Zeus, consider it grappled.
* Claim Minerva by opening the final chest in this cycle of the War Effort!

== New Content ==

- New Gold Edition Songkran Engineer Avatar: Soaker Rosie
* Soaker Rosie is locked, loaded and ready to drench the battlefield with her arsenal of watery weapons. Her appetite for fun is infectious and she has everyone joining in the incredible festivities, but make no mistake, she is a killer shot with her blundersoaker and has no shortage of water balloons to hurl your way!

- New Songkran Magmus Avatar: Tidal Magmus
* With Songkran underway and festivities in full swing, the tide itself has come to join in the festivities. This colorful, hulking elemental has been drenching everyone and generally causing unadulterated fun. Help everyone cool down by letting out an eruption of water and wash those daemons away!

- New Songkran Riptide Avatar: Chalawan
* Chalawan is a terrifying and elusive creature due to its ability to shapeshift from a beautiful woman into a murderous creature. Seducing unsuspecting warriors and luring them down to the river for a swim, Chalawan transforms into a monstrous crocodile and her victims are never seen again. Be careful where you dip your toes…

- New A.R.M.S. Dampeer Avatar: Invader Dampeer
* Dampeer is not known for armor of any kind -- or clothes, for that matter -- so the Electrician was surprised when the life-sucking creature enlisted for the first wave of the Invader suits. His motivation was simple: if the Legion soldiers will be wearing armor impervious to his claws, how will he get to their blood and innards? The obvious solution is to don an enhanced weapon system just as powerful, with claws strong enough to open the Savior suits like cans of delicious gallantry.

- New POGs Avatar: Soulstealer
* These high definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.

== Bug Fixes and Optimizations ==

- The AFK timer is properly reset for a player when damage is dealt by that player
- Leaver items are now properly upgradeable

Blitz Mode
- Mimics, illusions and player-controlled units are now properly affected by the Blitz Mode state at all points of the game (rather than just at the beginning of the game)
- Couriers now heal properly at the allied well

- Abaddon no longer loses his pet dragon visual after respawning if Sear is leveled
* Pet dragon visual is present only if the player has the Three Judges avatar set bonus

- Harcoon Bushwack head side-edge parts of the model no longer disappear at certain angles

- Default Defiler hand visual effects are now properly applied to both hands, e.g. Revenant's Defile

- Osiris Electrician's voice cast sounds increased for Cleansing Shock
- Cleansing Shock no longer kills ally illusions

Emerald Warden
- Summon Gawain will no longer be added to the Rift Wars skill pool

- Fixed visuals for Essence Link not displaying properly if the target was morphed by Kuldra's Sheepstick

- B.A.N.G. now has the proper charge regain timer for Blitz mode (1.6 seconds)

- Hand in Hand now properly grants assists when healing allies

- Earthroc Pebbles visuals now properly sync with the current level of Enlarge for each level of his ultimate

Plague Rider
- Cursed Shield visual effects are shown properly on units that are hexed

- Fixed the missing rainbow while charging from Rainbow Rampage

Sir Benzington
- Drop Bearzington now has a yellow color scheme when Staff of the Master is in his inventory

- Skiver Valkyrie's Javelin length increased to match other Valkyrie avatars' Javelins

Geometer's Bane
- Visual purple effects now propagate to illusions correctly when Geometer's Bane is activated

- The following skill and item usages no longer puts Striders on cooldown:
* Courier's Delivery subability
* Courier's Homeward Bound subability
* Bottle
* Ioyn Stone
* Health Potion
* Lex Talionis
* Mana Potion
* Blight Stones
* Ward of Sight
* Ward of Revelation