[Post Event] Rise Of Newerth 1st Qualifier Phase 1

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Published on Tuesday, 14 April 2015 17:27


Dear Heroes,

The year's first Rise of Newerth Qualifiers went down last Sunday with epic showdowns featuring the

likes of big teams such as [yMwo] You Meet Wrong Opponent (GSL MY Representative) and [Tre3]

Tremble Before Me (Formerly known as MAS), as well as seasoned players like Mamatin and kiDDuh.

As favourites to win this Qualifiers, yMwo, however, lost prematurely in the semifinals against Tre3 and

had to settle for a 3rdplace finish after defeating a local team from Sabah. The final Qualifiers match saw

Tre3 taking 2 games off their opponents in consecutive fashion to secure their spot in the Rise Of

Newerth Finals, which will take place on 9th May.

With this news, we are opening the registration for the 2nd Qualifiers now! If think you have what it

takes to play in the Finals or want to redeem yourself and do better next round, then wait no more and

register today.

*Note: Top 2 winners from this Qualifiers are not allowed to participate in the 2nd Qualifiers.

Find out more on RON Phase 2:  SOON