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Published on Tuesday, 28 April 2015 17:15

Swiftblade Alt Avatar: Kissaki
Even though the war of the Second Corruption rages on, devouring the young, green recruits of the Legion, the Shào Temple high in the Sang-La Mountains refuses to expand their cadet program beyond the chosen few prodigies with the physical and spiritual requirements to survive the training. If the Temple accepted more recruits with lesser skills, they would simply die before they faced the Hellbourne; if the Shào monks lowered their standards, the cadets would no longer be worth fifty warriors when they finally stepped foot on the battlefield.
- Cadet Kissaki is the example the monks provided when the Legion recruiters travel from Adkarna to demand higher numbers. They sent her to the front lines with the recruiters, and when she decimated an entire Hellbourne platoon without dulling her blades on armor or shields, the coterie from Adkarna issued a final order about the Shào Temple: Leave the monks alone. They know what they're doing.
In Stores 29th April 2015!