Issues on Special Campaigns to Celebrate MRR Winning Dreamhack

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Published on Wednesday, 17 June 2015 15:42

700x280 Announcement

Dear Players,

There were miscommunication between the HoN team and MMR in the avatar that they used in the final match which affected some of the players. (It was suppose to be Golden Poseidon not Golden Pebbles) Due to that we had already made the necessary changes and changed Golden Poseidon to be priced at 0 instead of Golden Pebbles.

That being said,

1. We will remove Golden Pebbles from all accounts that claimed it for free yesterday.
(Status: Done for All Account)

2. We will refund 100GC to refund gold to players that purchased Golden Poseidon for 100GC.
(Status: Still ongoing)

3. We will refund 375 Gold Coins to the players that had purchased Golden Pebbles for 600 Gold Coins on Sunday 14th.
(Status: Still ongoing)