K2 Crash Issues

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Published on Thursday, 18 June 2015 15:14

Dear Heroes,

We are aware of the K2 crash that are currently plaguing most players. We already notify the HQ team so that they could liase with Developer on this issue. That being said, it will be great help to us if you could send in your console logs on the K2 crash to us so that we could help Developer to pin point the issues.

1) Console Log,
2) IGN & UID
3) Screenshot

Steps on Sending Console Log

To enable faster troubleshooting on S2 side, besides the usual of turning on your debug mode, please also use 'flushlogs' after you guys have reproduced the steps
Ensure your debug mode is turned on -

1. Ctrl+F8
2. http_printDebugInfo true
3. php_printDebugInfo true

Clear the unnecessary logs first

1. Ctrl+F8
2. clear

Next, reproduce the steps/error

And after reproduction, please do the following

1. Ctrl+F8
2. flushlogs

To save troubles, you can save setting the debug info -

setsave http_printDebugInfo true
setsave php_printDebugInfo true

Once done, kindly send your console logs to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.