Leaver Strike System & MMR Compression and Decay System

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Published on Monday, 04 May 2015 16:50
Some of you might be aware this, but for those who doesn't, for this upcoming patch, there are tons of changes that will take place in this game but I want to highlight these two " Leaver Strike System & MMR Compression and Decay System"

1. MMR Compression and Decay System

- Players who have 1800+ MMR will got their MMR compressed according to the following list.

1900-1999 goes to 1900
2000-2099 goes to 1950
2100-2199 goes to 2000
2200-2299 goes to 2050
2300+ goes to 2100

- Players above 1800 MMR who have not played 5 games in any 10-day period will experience MMR decay at a rate of up to 1% of their rating per day until they are back down to 1800 MMR

2. Strike System For Leaver

- Strikes are earned when a player disconnects from a game and is terminated (can no longer rejoin) from a matchmaking game.

****This does not apply if the game is conceded or if a player can normally leave a match with no penalty.

- These strikes are region-based and are held by the chatserver. 10 days from the player's first strike, the strike count will be cleared out and they start from 0 strikes again.

* Strike 1: Forgiven
* Strike 2: 30 mins
* Strike 3: 1 hour
* Strike 4: 2 hours
* Strike 5: 4 hours
* Strike 6+: 10 hours