[MY] 4th HoN Anniversary Idol Match Up

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Published on Thursday, 25 June 2015 18:03

Idol matchup

This HoNiversary, come pair up with two of Malaysia's best HoN players, Hahazim and Leon, for a little competitive fun! As the captain and drafter for team Trembel Before Me and captain for team You Meet Wrong Opponent respectively, Hahazim and Leon are no strangers to the local HoN scene here. So, be sure to choose your side as each of them will be leading two separate teams at a time for some epic Mid Wars games with the community. Will Hahazim be the better leader, or L? You decide!

Format : Mid Wars 5v5
Rules : Team with most kills within 15 minutes win
Prizes : Winning Team = 200 Gold Coins

*Note: Event will take place right after 1 vs 1 ends.