[3.7.4] Patch Notes

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Published on Wednesday, 01 July 2015 10:00
Dear Heroes,
There will be a Game Client Patch v3.7.4 on Thursday, 2nd July 2015, 0600 hrs - 1159 hrs (GMT +8).
Game Service will be unavailable during this time. Players are advised to logout before this time. 
*Downtime may be extended without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances*

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Master Of Arms
Independence Day Avatar
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Version 3.7.4
02 July 2015

== Design ==

+ Hellbringer's kit is still providing an exceptional amount of utility and has left him sitting stronger than he should. This is another set of nerfs to bring him in line and make him more manageable during the laning phase.

Demon Strike (Q)
- Cast range lowered from 700 to 600
- Projectile travel distance lowered from 1000 to 600 units
* Net "effective range" reduced from 1700 to 1200

Demonic Wave (W)
- Cast range lowered from 1250 to 1000
- Projectile lifetime decreased from 1.5 seconds to 0.95 seconds
- Net "effective range" lowered from 1610 to 1170

Evil Presence (E)
- Lifesteal lowered from 8/16/24/32% to 5/10/15/20%

+ The purpose of Kane is to lock down a carry for a set time and ensure they do no damage to him or anyone else. The damage sap was causing him to just kill every carry he locked down which is more in-line with what Pandamonium should be doing. These changes are aimed at allowing Kane to still be the counter-carry superstar, but be more reliant on awesome auras than high kill counts.
- Base Strength decreased from 24 to 22

Force of Balance (W)
- HP/Mana Regeneration rescaled from 1/2/3/4% to 1/2.5/4/5.5% of the unit's missing HP/Mana, respectively

Steel Resolve (E)
- Damage sap changed to damage reduction. Kane no longer gains any damage. Damage is reduced by 20% per charge (20/40/60/80% at max charges)
- Max charges rescaled from 4 to 1/2/3/4

Face Off (R)
- Cooldown increased from 50/40/30 seconds to 60/50/40 seconds
- Using this skill on a tower puts this skill on a 20-second cooldown instead of the regular cooldown duration
- Applies 1 charge of Kane's Anguish (Steel Resolve state) on the enemy target upon being cast

== Matchmaking Maps & Modes ==

Forests of Caldavar
- All Pick
- Single Draft
- Balanced Random

Mid Wars
- Blind Ban
- All Random

Capture the Flag
- Blind Ban

== New Content ==

= Holiday Edition =

New Independence Day Holiday Edition Scout Avatar: Continental Rebel
- For too long, the damnable Redcoats have taxed our Goblin Coins without allowing representation! We tried throwing their tea into Blind Man's Harbor, but all they did was drink our ale and institute the Hut Act, demanding we allow enemy soldiers shelter in our homes! Intolerable! Now we will amass arms and fight back! But we must be wary, patriots--the Redcoats can outnumber and outspend us at every junction--so we must employ hit-and-run, ambush tactics to thin their ranks. Don't let them see you until it's too late, then show them your full patriotism in a cloud of musketry!

New Independence Day Holiday Edition Flint Beastwood Avatar: Redcoat Flint
- These rebels have gone too far! They are too stupid to realize they were better off under our control, and now they're delusional enough to think they can beat us in open warfare. Ludicrous! We will bring them to their knees with overwhelming numbers, discipline and volley fire, and when they beg for mercy and a chance to rejoin our glorious Empire we will demonstrate the primary trait of a supreme nation: ruthlessness!

New Independence Day Holiday Edition Ward: Statue of Liberty
- Gain vision from sea to shining sea with this spectacular Statue of Liberty ward!

= War Effort =

New War Effort Magebane Avatar: Acheron of Mana Aeacus
- When he began his rule as one of the Three Judges of All Hells, Aeacus reserved Acheron, the river of woe, as one of his harshest punishments for the lamentable souls brought before him for using magic during their time among the living. The damned were forced to stand eternally in the frigid currents, which pulled the precious mana from every pore of their body, while hounds and eels tore at their limbs.

= General =

New Hammerstorm Avatar: Carnystorm
- Carnystorm the Strongman first developed his growing muscles by grooming and curling his impressive infant mustache, and as he matured his brawn and whiskers continued to develop into the extraordinary specimens you now behold. He could have easily coasted through Adkarna's bootcamp and become a hero of the Legion, but he believed his physical gifts were bestowed upon him to entertain, not harm. It was obvious: only the Illustrious Freak Show of the Divine Coterie was good enough to feature Carnystorm's outlandish feats of strength, including smashing boulders with a single blow of his massive hammer--a skill that will come in handy when the daemons come to the carnival.

New Silhouette Avatar: Cirque du Silhouette
- Cirque du Silhouette was trained daily from a young age by the finest performers of the Divine Coterie to dazzle audiences with her stunning acrobatic skills. She did not know her artistry was also a lethal combination of finesse, balance, and strength until she had to use her tightrope walking and knife throwing to escape a Hellbourne ambush. Since that day, she has made more fans by skewering daemons than by dangling and spinning from aerial ribbons, but with her elite skills, why not do both at the same time?

New Gold Edition Puppet Master Avatar: Freakshow
- Any stupid clown can get laughs--Freakshow and his marionette Patsy judge their performances on how many screams of terror they get. But they aren't heartless! If an audience member dies before the show is over, Freakshow and Patsy have the body removed immediately and stored on ice backstage. It is bad taste to make the crowd sit with something so disturbing, and the bodies taste bad if they're allowed to bloat.

New POGs Avatar: Hammerstorm
- These high definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.

== Bug Fixes & Optimizations ==

= General =

- Banning Draft/Random Draft games will no longer include heroes who are disabled in Tournament Mode
- In Capture the Flag, the flag is no longer deleted upon being terminated if the flag is carried by the terminated hero
- If two events trigger at the same time and both events play an announcer, the announcer audio properly plays one after the other rather than playing at the same time
* Example: The announcements of the flag pickups in Capture the Flag play one after the other if both flags are captured at the same time
- All HoNiversary decorations have been removed

= Heroes =

- Invader Dampeer is no longer missing one of his voice lines

- Mass Control target radius tooltip corrected to be 225 units before casting the skill

- Decapitate boosted with Staff of the Master is fixed to properly refresh Legionnaire's skill cooldowns if Decapitate kills Gemini's Fire/Ice pets
* No other hero pets are affected by this change (e.g. Puppet Master's Voodoo Puppet)

- Infested ally creeps now properly apply the Draining Venom state on the target they attack

- Deleted redundant sound folder for Dark Angel Prisoner when casting Prison Break

Puppet Master
- Game Master auto-attack impact sounds are slightly reduced

= Items =

Ioyn Stone
- Ioyn Stone's state icon is now correct if it stores a Refreshment Rune and uses it on an ally hero

Restoration Stone
- Now properly calculates the cooldown when a skill's sub-ability temporarily replaces its main ability
* Prevents cooldown exploits with certain abilities
* In other words, if Sand Wraith uses Mirage, then uses Restoration Stone after Sand Wraith's Mirage sub-ability appears, then the cooldown on Restoration Stone will be (30 + Mirage_Cooldown) seconds, rather than 30 seconds

Sol's Bulwark
- Typo in script fixed for the enemy aura (effecttype changed from Buff to Debuff)