HoN October Event

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Published on Friday, 02 October 2015 00:03

Dear Heroes,

We have some cool event this October lined up just for you! 

Login Event:

14 Days Login Event (Oct,2 12.00hrs - Oct,16 11.59hrs GMT+8) - Login and collect an icon everyday.

Reward: 7 days in a row = Jeab icon (Login Bonus 1-7)
14 days in a row = Red Mist Fayde (Login Bonus 1-14)

Oct,2 12.00hrs - Oct,4 11.59hrs = Login Bonus1 (Icon) Open for 2 days
Oct,3 12.00hrs - Oct,4 11.59hrs = Login Bonus2 (Icon)
Oct,4 12.00hrs - Oct,5 11.59hrs = Login Bonus3 (Icon)

Oct,15 12.00hrs - Oct,16 11.59hrs = Login Bonus14 (Icon) 

Online Event:

1. *3MM Silver Coins (Oct,16 0.01hrs - Oct,22 before patch)

2. Free Heroes (Oct,16 0.01hrs - Oct,22 before patch)