Leaver Percentage System is back!

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Published on Tuesday, 22 March 2016 12:07


Dear Players:

We want PVP play in Heroes of Newerth to be a competitive and fun experience for players at all ranks and skill levels. Players who abandon games before they’re finished not only bring down team morale, but also hurt the competitive experience for all nine of the other players. For these reasons, we plan to re-enable the penalties for game abandonment with 
Patch 3.8.6.

Players who leaves an in-progress PVP game, and does not rejoin before it is finished, his abandon rate will be tracked. Once it reaches 
5%, he is not allowed to join any PVP game. He/She can only play in hosted games until his abandon rate is lower than 5%.

Please keep in mind that these penalties will be re-enabled with Patch 3.8.6
. We hope the strict penalties could help improve the game experience for all players. For more details, please click here to check the patch notes of 3.8.6.