New Mode - Team Death Match!

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Published on Wednesday, 13 September 2017 19:45



Team Deathmatch is an action packed, casual, quick, crafted experience that is an easy way to get in and enjoy teamfights in an arena setting.


- There will be up to 7 rounds in a game of Team Deathmatch. The objective is to win as many rounds as possible and maximize the number of surviving ally heroes per round.

- The first team to reach 18 points or has the most points by the end of Round 7 will win the match!


The Map is separated into to two parts:

Preparing Zone: It’s a safe zone that you have time to prepare for battle. No fight in this zone.

Battle Zone: Every player will be hooked into this zone and they cannot leave this zone before the round end.



- At the start of each round, each hero get the same EXP and Gold.

Round 1: 1,140 Gold, start at Level 3

- The Preparation Phase for the next round will start, and players will all be given an equal amount of Experience & Gold for the next round.

Round 2: 1,595 Gold, increase to Level 6

Round 3: 1,950 Gold, increase to Level 10

Round 4: 3,410 Gold, increase to Level 13

Round 5: 4,950 Gold, increase to Level 16

Round 6: 5,250 Gold, increase to Level 20

Round 7: 8,000 Gold, increase to Level 25


- Preparation Phase: Players will be in their preparation area, and will have time to allocate their hero's skill points and purchase items to their inventory.

- After the Preparation Phase is over, the round will start by dragging all players' heroes to their respective side of the arena.

- Teams will fight to the death! The round will end when a team no longer has any heroes in the arena.

- Once a round ends, players are revived and teleported back to their preparation area.

- Teams will get the points after the round end. The points are calculated by the number of the player left in each round. The teams which reach 18 points or have the points over than opponent will win the match.

*Heroes will not gain any gold or experience for hero kills/unit kills during a round, so this ensures that one team cannot gain a gameplay snowball advantage simply by winning a few rounds!


- Don't stall for too long in each round!

*If the round has not ended after 1 minute, all players will be Sighted & Revealed.

*If the round has not ended after 2 minutes, all players will gain max Movement Speed, but also receive non-lethal damage equal to 3% of their Max Health every second.

- A Minotaur, Catman Champion and Wild Hunter will be available at the beginning of each round for heroes who are somewhat dependent on neutral creeps (e.g. Parasite and Ophelia).

*They will not attack you back while they are under control of the AI. Killing them does not grant any experience or gold.