[4.3.3] Special Plinko - Season 107 (Short Fuse Bomber)

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Published on Thursday, 21 December 2017 11:16
Dear Heroes,

Let's take a look the avatar in Plinko 4.3.3?
Come in! Come in! What can I do for you?
Diamond Avatars!
- Short Fise Bomber
- Circus Bear Goldie
- Sacrilege
- Reaper
- Doomsday Klanx
- Risen Ra
- Pandasoul
 Gold Avatar!
- Sir Terrowin
- Toxin
- Mr. Tickles
- Keehaul Devourer
- Adkarna Assassin
- Gisele
- Easter Island Pebbles
- Construction Worker Behemoth
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