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[4.3.4] Patch Note -...

[4.3.4] Patch Note - The Last 8Bit

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Published on Thursday, 04 January 2018 09:18
Welcome to Heroes of Newerth
Version 4.3.4 - 04 January 2018

= Design =

The following heroes are now properly excluded from Tournament Rules:
- Berzerker
- Goldenveil
- Kinesis

== Matchmaking Maps & Modes ==

Champions of Newerth (CoN)
- Map: Forests of Caldavar
- Mode: Counter Pick

Forests of Caldavar
- All Pick
- Single Draft
- Balanced Random

Mid Wars
- Hero Ban
- All Random

Team Deathmatch
- Blind Ban

== New Content ==

= 8-Bit II =

+ The electronic realm of Arcadia has been sealed away from the passage of time for decades due to a defensive shield coded by the Quarter Masters. This shield had kept them isolated and safe from the chaos of Newerth, until 8-Bit Kane accidentally sliced through the power cord during his headstrong rush through the shield to join the fray. Now all the characters of Arcadia are free to roam Newerth while the Quarter Masters duct-tape the cord, jostle consoles and blow into cartridges in a frantic attempt to reactivate the shield.

New Master of Arms 8-Bit II Avatar: Master of Commandos
- Man, we thought the alien invasion in Arcadia was bad! This Newerth place has Parallax, the Ascension, the Great Rift, something called's a damn good thing the Quarter Masters have secretly funded the Master of Commandos with unlimited resources and ammunition to eradicate any and all extraterrestrial threats. This super solider is slightly confused about whether the Legion and Hellbourne should be considered aliens or not -- they are from another realm, after all -- but he wasn't trained to think about such large questions. He was trained to follow orders, maintain operational discipline, and shoot stuff in the face. LOCK AND LOAD.

New Shadowblade 8-Bit II Avatar: Gamerblade
- It doesn't matter if it's a console, PC, or mobile game. It doesn't matter if it's an RPG, FPS, or MMO (or all three). Regardless of the platform or genre, Gamerblade has a full set of gear and skills to meet all challengers and send them packing with whiny excuses about lag time and cheat codes. He may be the only player who can challenge Game Master and Dr. Gamer, and the clash of tactics, strategies, and egos will likely rival this tiff between the Legion and Hellbourne, whoever they are.

= General =

- The base avatar for Chronos has been updated!

New Chronos Avatar: Professor Tick Tock
- The Illuminated Orphanage of Arasunia is without a doubt the best possible place for a child who has lost their parents to the endless war with the Hellbourne. It is clean, safe, and the Sisters of the Sacred Order are stern yet loving as they raise the children to love Sol and give all praise to Him. The young man now known as Professor Tick Tock hated every second of it. Just three years old when he arrived, his first question was "Who killed mama and dada?" And he wanted answers. Every time he asked, the Sisters blathered on about faith, how Sol has a reason for everything, praise Sol and everything will be fine...this was blatantly false, as his parents had been devout worshipers of Sol, and where had it gotten them?

Eventually the Sisters gave up, allowing the boy to wander the orphanage on his own rather than have him taint the other children with his blasphemies. When he stumbled upon the maintenance workshop, it was as if he'd finally found something to devote himself to. The tools, gears, cogs, belts, hinges--they all made perfect sense. They were real. He began to build things; toys at first, then carts and scooters for the other children, then weapons (which did NOT go over well with the Sisters). The more he worked the gears, the more he saw how they could interact to manipulate the air around him, the water, energy...perhaps even time? He left the orphanage at age twelve for an apprenticeship with the alchemists -- which didn't surprise the Sisters one bit yet still made them shudder for his poor, doomed soul -- and this proved to be the final step to achieve his goal. He created a rudimentary time machine and went back to the moment his parents were murdered. His machine only allowed him to observe, not interact, and so he was frozen, helpless, as he watched. The intruder's face was concealed behind a silk scarf, but when he turned from the brutal deed and faced the glowing embers in the fireplace to catch his breath the scarf slipped. It was Jaru, of course. The Corrupted Disciple.

When the boy returned to the present, exhausted and torn between sorrow and rage, he had a mission. To finance his efforts he built and sold amazing trinkets that spun, twirled and played music. These became extremely desirable among Arasunia's elite and he rose into high society, the mysterious, melancholy young man known only as Professor Tick Tock. Even the Sisters who raised him did not recognize him on the streets, but had they learned his true identity, they would not be surprised that he seethed with obsession to perfect his time machine, to work tirelessly upon it until he could go back to that single moment and kill Jaru.

New Jeraziah Avatar: Beast King
- With Apex, Adrenaline and the Third Corruption ripping through all of Newerth, King Jeraziah knows it is more vital than ever to keep the Beast Horde as an ally. Even though it would offend the Sacred Order--and possibly cause the most devout among them to revolt--he swallowed his pride and knelt before his sister Ophelia, Queen of the Beasts, and recognized her as his equal in the fight against the Hellbourne. He also acknowledged that their myriad gods (chaotic as they are) are just as powerful and important as Sol. While this instantly inflamed the congregations, Jeraziah's shrewd military mind hoped it would compel the holy warriors to fight that much harder in order to prove their god was, in fact, superior. As for what the Beasts think, the King's actions will speak louder than any mere words, but they do approve of his newly forged weapons and armor -- they at least get the stink of man off him.

== Bug Fixes & Optimizations ==

= General =

Forests of Caldavar
- Fixed various pathing bugs with the new map. Certain trees have been adjusted to remedy this.
- Mouse cursor no longer disappears after minimizing while not in a game.
- Staff of the Master & its derivative effects will now properly switch certain heroes' ultimate ability to the boosted, alternative version of the ultimate ability upon obtaining the effect.
* Example: Thunderbringer's ultimate ability and Staff of the Master.

= Heroes =

- Blitzkrieg's Stun no longer bypasses Magic Immunity if the projectile is in midair and the target gains Magic Immunity before the projectile impacts.

- Take Cover, when autocast, will no longer unintentionally block Damage-over-Time (DoT) effects.
* Was not going on cooldown while blocking DoT effects when used in this manner before the fix.

- Punk Chronos' Chronofield visuals now correctly match the actual area of effect.

- If you use Twisted Visage on Goldenveil, the visual golden tokens on the opposing team will now be properly expired when Twisted Visage expires.

- Fixed detection logic for Greedgutter when checking for terminated heroes.
- Tokens from Greedgutter should no longer be visible to the enemy team under rare circumstances.

- Range indicator that is only visible to self should no longer be visible to the enemy team.

- Stasis Smash no longer damages lifted units upon their landing if the unit is an ally.

- Beast Predator will no longer have a sound delay when hitting his chest.

- Blinding Rush now has its proper effects during night time if Solstice has Staff of the Master and chooses Day mode.